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Fans of the Month - 2016

Mario, Gabriella & Sofia M. - December 2016

Hello Peter,

My name is Mario M., have been a fan of you since years ago, I really love and like all your work with KISS and Solo projects, got all your albums from Chelsea to One For All. I live in Bolivia, you are an inspiration to me and many others, hope you're doing great, and also hope you can release your "Rock" album with John 5 and Mike Mclaughlin, come on Cat!! We have a friend in common, his name is Joe Healey, he gave me an Moder Drummer 1981 magazine signed by you in 1984, he gave it to me as a birthday gift, he is a longtime friend of Margie, can you remember him?? My wife Gabriella and daughter Sofia also love you Peter.

I share a couple of pics of my personal PC collection!!

Hope we can meet you someday.

God bless you PC

Mario, Gabriella & Sofia

Mike J. - December 2016

Hello Mr. Peter Criss !!!!

I know you have heard the story over & over thousands of times, but ever since I seen a commercial of this band on TV where this Cat-like face drummer appeared, that was it for me, I became your no. 1 fan at age 12, I became a drummer, never came of anything I hoped it would, but still followed you even until now at age 53. I had my first tattoo at age 22 of your solo album pic on my chest !!! I always thought I would run into you sometime where you could sign your name by the tattoo and then have it inked over, I never got the chance I am sorry to say.

I hoped one day you would have a signing in North Carolina, I am originally from Westchester NY ,My Brother n law worked at a body shop where Ace's Delorian was towed in when he wrecked it, I waited for him to show, or better yet You to pick it up, Anyway, Thanks for being you and coming into my life, I never had a father or a role model, so you , the drummer of KISS , the ONE & ONLY CATMAN became my role model.
Take care Pete , Have a great second part of life.

Your TRUE NO. 1 FAN,
Mike J.

Felix G. December 2016

Dearest Peter,

I have been a lifelong fan of KISS and of yours as well. So much so that the first ever email address I created back in 1993 was cattman77 and as you can see, I still use it today.

Recently, my wife and kids gifted me a record player for Father's Day along with the KISS Unplugged LP. I have slowly added more records to my collection. Your solo album was one of the first I purchased in LP format and though I've heard the CD, vinyl seemingly breathed new life into it. I heard it like I had never heard it before. The only other KISS vinyl I'd listened to was Double Platinum on vinyl as a kid.

Your solo album has become a staple in the Garcia Family household. We listen to it often and even my 13 year old daughter who loves bands like 21 Pilots, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco knows every word to each of your songs. She sings them beautifully and shares your music with her friends.

I just wanted you to know, we love your music and you are making new fans still.  Thank you for such an amazing record. I wish you nothing but the best. My family and I hope to meet you someday and see you perform live.

Felix "Cattman" G.

Dave R. - November 2016

I met you in PA finally after like 30 years. ( a year or so ago )I got to talk to you about a lot of different things including the breast-cancer thing. Very cool to meet you in Pennsylvania in Oaks.  But I never got to say because I was kind of overwhelmed that you were the reason I learned to play drums. I still play to this day . it all started from listening with the headphones on to "100,000 years " back in 1975 or 76 or what have you as a 9 year old .  I'm now 48, that song is still magical to me. I kinda know it note for note nowadays. Lol

I truly enjoy your drumming and music. The best way I could put "it" is , you are my "Gene Krupa" Cheers Catman

Ps (I'm only wearing Aces shirt because I just read his book. Lol )


Alice - November 2016

Hi Peter I hope you like this it's not my best but i will definitely do another one and show you that love you buddy hope you like it.



Vincent G. McC. - November 2016

Mr. Criss:
Looooonnnngggg time Kiss fan here, Mr. Criss.  My brother and I and many friends of ours have seen Kiss in concertwith the four original members dozens of times.And I still listen to Kiss on my I Pod as well as LPs on the turntable.  Your acceptance speech on your induction to theRock and Roll Hall of Fame was wonderful. Please, could you clear something up for me?
I remember you singing a song called "Hooligan" on an album. On Apple's I Tunes and Amazon Music it is not listed on your solo album - which is where I thought it was to begin with - but neither can I locate it on any Kiss album. Or is it the case that after 40 plus years of Rock and Roll albums and live concerts I have finally lost my mind? 

Thank you and I hope you are still well.

Vincent G. McC.

Adina - October 2016

Hi Peter!!

My 7 year old daughter Adina wanted me to share this with you. We created her very own custom destroyer costume for the recent KISS tour. She was so proud to wear it and represent you.



Lady Kiss Cat - October 2016

Beautiful Peter girl sighted at Dragon Con 2016

A. Turner - October 2016

Hi Peter.

Just wanted send you love and admiration from the UK. Over the years I've been a fan many different genres of music, but the one constant as been early KISS, ever since I bought a copy of alive 2 nearly 40 years ago. You're the original member who's always presented their side of the story with the most humility (& you were always the best singer in the band). So anyway, don't want to babble on too long but did just want to let you know how much you are loved over here. I hope you make it to our shores again one day soon.

Peace & happiness to you.

God bless catman. X

Sylvia V-B and Family - September 2016

Dear Mr. Criss,

Our youngest child (6) has been a great fan since as long as we can remember.  Yesterday he performed KISS with a few of his friends. The were sensational.

Thank you for the music!

Michel - September 2016

Dear Peter,

I am Michel, longtime fan of my only best drummer ever: Peter Criss.
I thank GOD if you Peter can just read my HELLO!


I will always remember your 1974-1979 drumming in Kiss, it's the best I
ever heard in my life !!!


I would be so glad to meet you ONCE in my life, I swear by God I will be
sooo happy !!!!!!

Michel, France

John G, Jr. - September 2016

Dear Peter,

I wanted to say thank you so very much for being the light through a very dark time in my life.

When the love of my life passed away with no warning I was catapulted into a nightmare that seemed inescapable. Through soul numbing grief I was able to find solace and light through the music of the two drummers who brought me incredible joy as 12 year old beginning drummer in 1976, you and Ringo.

You will always bring me that joy. Thank you for saving my life.

John G, Jr.

Gary M. - August 2016

Mr Criss, the reason I'm writing you is because I just had my second heart attack and I'm not doing the best. While I'm still on this planet I'm thanking people who have molded me into who I've become ...so I'm starting at the top of my list and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me when I was younger...because of you I got into drums( music) and kept myself straight and out of trouble and I've had the most awesome musical adventure and life anyone could ask for. You made it look fun and you just totally opened my eyes and changed me. As I sit here and think about my life and how wonderful it's really been overall......I owe everything to you...and I thank you from my heart and soul for ...giving me my wonderful musical life. I have and always will be forever indebted to you ...and your BIGGEST fan sir.

Andrew B. - August 2016

Hi Peter!  When i was only 7 years old (1996) my father had drawn me a picture of KISS. He was a huge fan of rock and roll and tried to involve me in this crazy, amazing world of rock music. I saw your face in "Cat" make-up and it drove me wild, like, "Wow, this cat-faced guy is really cool". Since then i'm collecting cassettes, CD's, calendars, magazines and playing drums of course... For the first time i saw your incredible "cat power" playing style on "Kiss My Ass" video - b/w "Parasite" at Frisco '75. I was totally shocked.

I've lost my dear father in 2015 (R.I.P.) but you are my Godfather in rock 'n' roll. And you left a huge mark in my heart and soul, my inspiration in music, my perception of drum playing. I've never been on your show but i can always hear you on your tapes and videos.
No matter what's spoken in newspapers, interviews, magazines or false biographies - you are my hero. And you're always will be. Thank you.

God Bless You & Your Family!

Greetings from Russia

P.S.: Photo - circa 1997, i'm playing for the 2nd time in my life. Check out my "Hooligan" cap :-) I'm a hooligan, won't go to school again!

Suzy L. - August 2016

Hello! Funny thing happened today... My 14 year old daughter starts high school in two weeks. We had a meeting this morning with the counselor to pick her classes. We both were nervous. We go into the counsellors office. At first he really did not seem warm and fuzzy. A few minutes into our meeting his phone goes off. He has a music ringtone. He reaches over very quickly to turn it off and apologizes. It only played a few seconds but, I knew the song right away. I said to him "Kiss fan?" He looked at me shocked! I said "I know what song that was and please tell me that was your wife and her name is Beth". Well, that broke the ice! I don't look like I could be a Kiss fan. We shared some stories as my daughter looked at us with either confusion or horror. He turned into a warm and fuzzy person after that. He got my daughter all the classes she wanted even though 1 or 2 of them were full. Just felt like sharing this. I have never reached out to any famous person before ever I my 48 years. Not sure it's really you who reads these. I do have a question. Do you live in Florida? I thought I heard you lived in the Sarasota area.  Thank you so much for your time and for your beautiful song "Beth" that broke the ice today!

Suzy :)

Michael McV. - July 2016

Peter & GiGi,

Greetings from your Houston, Texas family :)  Have had several meetings with you over the years but this last one was by far the best. You guys remembered me and even mentioned that you hung the breast cancer artwork I did utilizing the Rock And Roll Over face in your home. WOW. And you also mentioned that you still have the cd single "Hands Of Prayer" that I did for my grandmother who unfortunately lost her battle with breast cancer. So your story touched home. Peter and KISS have always been a part of my life since age 7 consistantly and I am now 46. Your music has helped fill huge voids as I was growing up and when you say the words lifelong fan it gets no more true than this. I not only thank you for the many years of music and enjoyment you have brought to my life but I also appreciate the support you gave to my band Tame Fury. Wear the shirt and post a pic Pete!!! I brought along my girlfriend to meet you guys this time in Dallas. Her name is Kelly and as you called her Lady Gaga (but prettier) lol. You were beyond gracious to her as well and this was her first time to meet you. When I initially met Gigi in New Orleans I didn't realize then that I also made a friend for life. Much love and respect to you both. We love you guys. God bless! Come back soon!!!

- Micheal McV.

Jen C. and Morgan - July 2016

Dear Peter,

My son Morgan asked me to share this with you. He is 9 years old and performed Beth at his elementary school talent show this year. I can send the video of you are interested in seeing it.

Jen C.
Groveland, Ma

Carey - July 2016

Hi Peter

This is Carey. I'm sorry didn't really have enough time to talk to you and was honored to be in your presence big fan have been since first heard of kiss in 2000 unplugged was one of my favorite albums along with yours and dynasty and psycho circus I've hung my poster and pic up on my wall I got from you that you signed and hope maybe your release a new solo album soon maybe I'll meet you again someday.

Keep rocking and God bless,


Jackson N. - June 2016

Dear Peter,

Just 3 months ago I discovered your music, and that is a shame for me, I'm already 16 ;) . The best songs, in my opinion, are tge ones you played on. My altime favourite is "Beth", brings me close to tears because you can sing it so well! I though I should draw you, it became a painting. ;) . Had to do the ears and cateyes.

Jimmy C. - June 2016

Dear Peter,

As a Kiss fan for over 40 years... I finally got to meet you (and your lovely wife Gigi) at the Texas Frightmare Weekend. It was such an honor for me to have met you. I had the most amazing time talking to you along with my partner about the movie Scarface and life in Miami. You are such a good soul with a big heart. I appreciate the time you spent with us and the time you took to sign my Kiss items.  Thank you for making one of my life long dreams come true. I will always treasure this moment forever. 

Your fan and friend,

Jimmy C.

Rick O. - June 2016

I traveled 7 hours and my brother travel 4 hours from houston to see his hero, the catman !!! It's was very special for him because he had a poster my mom brought him when he was very young.He is now 49 and she is no longer with us it was special for the both of us , that you took the time to talk to the both of us and sign that poster, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and his. 4-30-16 at dallas tx .

Once again thank you!!!!!

Darren - May 2016

Hi, I'm up here in little out of the way Nova Scotia. Yesterday my friend got a wooden marionette I carved of you to you. I've been a long long time fan and really happy to see you with something I made. Anyway, I hope you like it, it's one of the only times you can't get in trouble for playing with yourself in public.



Deanna - May 2016

Hey Peter,

Just wanted to say thank you for the music you have produced and the overall impact you've made on my musical journey. I've been a KISS fan since I can remember, and the "Catman" was actually my first Halloween costume as a kid. My dad introduced me to the KISS legacy, seeing as he's also a drummer, and he did my makeup! I saw you sing "Beth" once live, in Fresno Ca. It was my first concert and also my favorite concert moment. Thanks for bein' you and doin' all that you do! Rock on, man.


Adam - May 2016

Hello Peter,

My name is Adam and I am from Cleveland Ohio I just wanted to show you a picture of the tattoo I had done today. The one tattoo I know I will never regret.

Rob and Julian M. - April 2016

Hey Peter, I'm a lifelong fan, been since as early as 3 years old, and back when I lived next to the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan, watching the older guys walking to the Dome to see you play. I grew up playing my KISS 8 tracks back in the late 70's, and graduated to vinyl in the 80's. Nothing made me prouder than last night watching my 12 year old son sing Beth at his school's talent show in front of 300 people dressed in full makeup as you! He's a second generation KISS Army fan, you're his favorite. I thought you'd enjoy this video, sorry it's sideways I couldn't figure out how to rotate it. I never got to see you and KISS play back in the 1970's like I wished but finally got to see the full band together in 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina where I live now, and will never forget when you walked out and sat on a stool and sang Beth. Here's a couple of pics from last night, as well as the video. I hope you enjoy!

Take care, Rob

Dan and Will Martin - April 2016

Picture of my 6 year old son with his 2016 Cub Scout Pinewood derby entry. When I asked him what theme he wanted to go for this year, he immediately said "I want a KISS car dad...and I want the Catman driving." The same things that hooked me with KISS have hooked my son. AWESOME! Rock on my son!!

-Very Proud Dad

Shane and Phoenix Criss David B. - April 2016

Hello Peter,

My name is Shane B. A lifelong KISS fan and fierce endorser of you and Ace. This is my son, Phoenix Criss David Butler taken the day we brought him home...6 years ago! I just wanted to share this with you.  I just finished your book. Wow. Took me 4 days!

Stay strong.


Brandon W. - March 2016

I caught kiss later on in life being 23. I started watching this kissology volumes that really captured the essence that is kiss. Of all members past or present Peter is my favorite. I've had the privilege of meeting peter on several occasions and he's a total down to earth kinda guy. Always a smile across his face when i met him. He truly cares about the kiss family. I say family because the word fan falls short of the meaning. God Bless you Peter. If you read this know that I have been impacted by meeting you. Some people don't understand kiss or the connection we get with the members of kiss. We're family.

Brandon W.

Ryan L. - March 2016

Hi Peter

I just wanted to say I just finished reading your book.. And it was so good.. Thank you for all your music and the drums sounds you have provided all these years.. I think your story was told with extreme truthfulness.. I plan on now listening to your solo stuff now that I have read your book.. I want to thank you for writing the book. Your speech at the Rock and roll hall of fame was really good..  Again thank you for all you have done in music.. Side note my daughter loves drumming and loves your music.

Ryan L.

Rusty G. - March 2016

Peter you've been hero since I was 9 years old, I just turned 50. This morning I was reading your book, page 338 when the Volkswagon commercial came on featuring Beth.  I hope that money is going to you, the man who deserves it more than anyone! Thanks for being a huge part of my life even though you never knew it!


James B . - February 2016

Just a shout out to say LOVE YOU PETER CRISS!!!!

Proof that I've loved ya for years, that's me below in my LOVE GUN shirt, circa '77.


Tom W. - February 2016

Thought you may like the tattoo that I got of you with the original makeup of the first kiss album. Hope you like it. It was done at Steel Life Tattoo in Brazil Indiana by Patrick O. Thanks for your music.

Tom W.

Isaac - February 2016

Dear Peter Criss,

You are awesome. I like Beth. It is my favorite song.

Why did you leave KISS?

PS your make up is awesome


6 years old

Luke S. - January 2016

On your birthday, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you again for your influence on me since 1976. I am too a drummer-now 51. I met you at a Balls of Fire Show in Glendora ca in 1986. My best friend and I had the honor of getting to kick it with you in your dressing room for a few minutes,-You autographed my Let me Rock you Album. Thanks!

Much Love-Huge Fan and fellow Paisan,

Luke S.

The Sharp Family - January 2016

Mr Criss,

You are the reason my 10 year old daughter has started playing drums. The pic is from her first drum performance playing "I was made for loving you", she played "Strutter" at her most recent performance. Yesterday, she was glued to the TV watching you on That Metal Show, but I could not let her watch the whole interview for obvious reasons and at the top of her Christmas list is Kiss dolls. Almost everything she is getting is Kiss related from Kiss drumsticks to an old VHS tape of Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park.

I want to thank you for everything you and Kiss have done. You made my childhood special and she is keeping the tradition going. I saw Kiss in New Have CT. in 1979 for my 12th Birthday present and she can't figure out why she can't see Kiss now with you and Ace in the band. You are a truly special human being. Thank you so much all you have done and for being an inspiration to my daughter.

God Bless you Peter Criss!

The Sharp Family

Matthew O. - January 2016

Hello Peter,

My name is Matthew O. and I want you to know that I'm a big fan of KISS and a big fan of yours as well, you've always been and always will be the "Catman" and I found your book to be a fantastic read and I gotta say that KISS got me interested in rock and roll as I sing and play acoustic and electric guitars as well as write, i gotta thank you Peter for the fantastic music that you provided along with Ace, Paul and Gene as KISS, your an epic drummer and I hope your doing well, best wishes to you, thank you very much!!

Matthew O.

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