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Fan of the Month - 2003

Avi: Dec/03

My name is Lisa and i have been a Kiss fan for about 25 years. Here is a new fan, from the next generation. I took my 16 month old daugther, Avi, to the music store, and she had a real interest in the drums. Peter, if you ever need another drummer, she's the one!

Danny Gray from the UK: Dec/03

Hello Peter,

I would like to e-mail to tell you of the deep impact you have had on my life. Earliar this year I was caught in a horrific house blaze in which my left arm and torso were badly burnt. I had to go into hospital - a burns unit - and heal there were times in the hospital were I felt so alone and unwanted. This carried on until around 2 weeks later a music fan by the name of Dave (whom was also badly burnt) joined my ward. He had a cd player with  him and played them all day long (he later told me he used music as therapy, to keep him sane). He put a CD by the name of "DESTROYER" by a band named
Kiss. He put on a track and turned to me and proclaimed "This, my friend, is real rock music".

The song i would later know and love as Beth rang therough the hospital like my saving grace coming to collect me. The gent got his wife to bring his Kiss DVD's (Symphony and the Second Coming) in and I was hooked. Your music and warm personality helped me through my hour of need and I am forever
grateful. I currently own all of your (brilliant) solo albums and all the albums you feature alongside KISS aswell as a few CRISS albums (collection soon to be completed).

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget you

Much love
Yours Sincerely

Danny Gray


Dear Peter,

It was great meeting you and I'm glad you liked my gift. That is 1928 LUDWIG BLACK BEAUTY heavy brass snare drum w/flower engraving. I purchased that drum at CHICAGO DRUM SHOW in 1998 and used for some recording session. I've been collecting the vintage drums for over 15 years and that was one of the best sounding snare drum I've ever owned. I hope you'll use that drum for your solo album in near future! And...whenever you need me, please let me know and I'll be happy to work with you!!!

It's been almost 27 years since I first saw KISS in 1977 at Nagoya city, Japan. Wooo...time flies!!! I never thought back then that I could see KISS in 2003. I'm really glad you're back to the band and.....if I had not seen KISS 26 years ago, I probably would not have become a drummer 'cause your performance left a strong impression on me! Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

And...Happy Birthday to Gigi.

With all my respect.
HIRO SHIGA (Japanese Drummer/Producer)


This is my brother Christopher, after going to see KISS in Atlanta we both became fans. He is currently a Sophmore in High School. This past week was spirit week. So for Celebrity Day he choose to dress as Peter Criss. This was a big hit at school. It is amazing how just one show can make someone become such a huge fan. Thanks Peter for all the things you do for your fans.

A new fan

Erik - "Admiration" - Nov/03
I really admire your drive and longetivity. I have been a long time fan of KISS, and started playing drums 24 years ago because of the Catman. I myself play in a KISS tribute band, and really enjoy the music. So basically, I would just like to say thanks for starting me on my musical journey behind the kit.

Take care and God bless

Ginger Brown from Texas:Nov/03

Hello from Texas! This photo was taken on 09-24-03 at my hotel after meeting Peter Criss in person at the Kansas show. I have been a fan of Peter Criss, and KISS but mainly Peter Criss, since 1975. I have been to 8 shows now, but this was my first time to ever meet Peter in person. I had to travel from Texas to Kansas to get a platinum ticket that wasn't sold out, but it was well worth it to meet the Catman himself. Let me just say it was "breath-taking!" Peter is the wonderful man that I had always imagined. I had made a "Kitty" banner for Peter (with the help of my husband) for the concert and he seemed most appreciative of it. He tossed me roses after singing Beth and I actually got two of them (one of them went to my sister who got our tickets for the most wonderful birthday gift of my life, besides the day my mother gave me the gift of life). I was thrilled to get the roses, but was sad at the same time because I had actually looked all over Kansas that day for a blue rose to give him at the show (FYI nobody in Kansas has ever heard of a blue rose!) I had also designed my own boots with a pewter cross on the front of them and a rhinestone cross on the sides. I had a cross necklace and a cross bracelet hoping Peter would notice my love of crosses as well. Peter autographed my boots as well as the banner. Meeting Peter was just like meeting a lifelong friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. He took the nervousness away and made me feel great!
My parents broke every record I brought into my house growing up which made me even more headstrong to love KISS, mainly Peter. I now have an entire room in my house dedicated to KISS and it is filled to the rim with memorabilia. I have turned my younger sister into a fan and am working on getting a drummer nephew out of the nine I have. My 10-year-old nephew will get to see Peter drumming in Dallas on October 2, so I guess you could say I am passing down to the next generation my love of Peter Criss. Peter is the best drummer and singer in the world! I have not only followed him through his KISS days, but his solo days as well. My favorite album by Peter is "Let Me Rock You." I think he is really handsome on that cover. However, meeting Peter in person was surely a dream come true. Thank and God bless you Peter, for being you, and I just want to say that your smile is TRUELY DAZZLING!


We thought you would get a kick out of your newest fan, Marni. After seeing you for her first time August 25 at the Tweeter Center in Boston, we went to Gene's book signing in Cambridge. Marni wanted to get her face painted like you. Gene loved it, and she loved the attention. Gene was so much in awe with how good she looked. Now, when watching our recently purchased version of the Symphony DVD, all Marni is doing is looking for you in every scene. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you on tour again soon.

Jay Rein (a fan since '76)

Rick Mcnabb - U.S. Army -Oct/03
Just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of yours and Kiss.
I am currently deployed to Iraq/Kuwait with the U.S. Army so I am disappointed to say that I am not going to make it to see the current tour. I did however bring a large selection of Kiss CD's with me and I got the Alive IV sent to me. I cant say enough how those songs help me get through some of the tough times here. I was raised on listening to Kiss and my own son is a big fan as well. Peter, Thanks for the great music and I hope to see another tour when I get back to the states. Thanks again, hope to see you at a show real soon.

Barbara Caserta from Italy:Oct/03

Hello there,
Here is Barbara Caserta, number one Kiss Fan from Italy! I met The Catman several times, once I also took him around my town (Milan, Italy) for a visit with my car and I still remember how he was really amazed by The Cathedral (Duomo). I love Peter because he is smart, but elegant and lovely as all cats are!!! A deep and special person and you can tell immediately by listening to his music (especially his solo albums) which always sound directly from his heart and soul...I feel it 'cos I love Cats and 'cos I'm a Cat as well! I've seen Kiss live more then 40 times and now my dream is that you Peter will have one day the chance to see ME play, giving tribute to you as one of my main influences, as a cat and as a drummer! With Kissexy we have a big success here in Italy but I do not drum for a living! I'm a music journalist and photographer since 13 years now, and thanks to Kiss! My input to this carrier was the love of music and the ambition to meet Kiss. They are my idols since when I was 9 and I saw for the first time the I Was Made For Loving You single cover! Then I played it and that changed my life forever. Peter, I still keep in my most precious belongings the red rose you gave me during Beth in Boston (Reunion Tour 1996).I love you!

A big Miaowww to everybody!!!! Barbara "CatGirl" Caserta

Grant from Australia:Sept:03
Hi Peter,
Just a quick note to tell you I am now 36, I have been a KISS fan since 1975 and am absolutely devoted to the original KISS and the music from same. Even though I have been playing guitar since I was 8, I really dig your drumming and singing and was so proud of you to realise that your fans and music are more important than other things and that you have awakened that passion and desire that made you the "Best Drummer in the Hottest Band in the World"! Keep it real.

Donna Rodgers:Sept:03

I have been a fan of Peter Criss since the 1970's. I grew up with Peter and KISS. Peter is and always will be my favorite drummer, I introduced my children to KISS is 1996 when the original KISS reunited. Peter has always inspired me to reach for my goals and dreams. He has never given up on his goals and neither have I. I have enclosed a picture of me and one of my many Peter Criss tats. I have a total of 13 and they are all centered around Peter. I also have one non-makeup tattoo of Peter. There are many people who think I am crazy for getting the tattoos but it is my way of expressing myself and showing respect for my favorite drummer. Peter has also been my 2 children's inspiration to become drummers. My son would settle for nothing less than DW drums. He wanted to play the best - like his idol Peter. I took him to a music store and we ordered a DW drum kit. It is the same pattern that Peter used on the Psycho Circus tour. The kit and the snare drum were made from the specs on the DW site. When we ordered the drums, the salesperson put on the slip - customer recreating Peter Criss' Psycho Circus Kit. My daughter also plays the drums, Her Pearl kit is the same color as Peters kit used during the Alive tour. The Catman will always be a part of my life. I have had the opportunity to meet every original member of KISS except Peter. One day - I hope to meet the fourth original member. That would really be the highlight of my life.

A Peter Criss fan from the beginning


Matthew is only three years old and already a BIG Peter Criss fan. When he started showing signs of loving the drums at less then a year old I decided to play my Criss Cat #1 cd for him. He loved it right away. One of the first things he ever said that everyone could understand was "Play drums like Peter." Now when asked what he wants to do when he grows up he says..."I'm going to be a drummer just like Peter Criss."
Al Soluri:August:03

The first time I saw KISS was in 1977 at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island and have been hooked ever since. I have seen them dozens of times, I attend KISS expo's and all KISS related events in the tri-state area. Peter of course is my favorite. It would be an absolute honor to be "Fan of the Month"!

Jim Fare:August:03

My name is Jim Fare and I am a HUGE Peter Criss Fan. I met with Gigi at the Atlantic City Tracercode KISS Experience and she had told me to write to you and tell you one of my stories. A true one that is quite funny as well but here goes; When I was little I had a huge wall poster of KISS. Every night before I went to bed I had to make sure not to only brush my teeth but Peter's as well until I brushed a hole right through his picture. Yes my mom did yell at me but now that I look back it was well worth it. Thank you both, Peter for helping to mold me into who I am today and to you Gigi for being the sweetest and kindest person my wife Donna and I have ever met. I hope you remember me and I will do my best to send you a pic of the tattoo that Peter signed for me on my leg. Again, Thank you for being you.

Jim Fare

Sue B.:August:03
Hi Peter,
I have been a KISS fan for about 28 years now. I went to your first concert when I was 12 (loooong time ago!), and have attended several since, including the Reunion tour in '96. I took my daughters with me (at the time they were 13 and 6) and they LOVED it!! They have grown up with KISS. With me for a mom, there was no way to avoid it! My son, who is 9, has all of the KISS dolls (they fight his Power Ranger guys and ALWAYS win), and watches Detroit Rock City, and KISS Meets the Phantom over and over and over! And so, my job is done...I have passed the torch of love for KISS on to the next generation! You and the rest of the guys are awesome. As silly as it sounds, I feel like I have grown up with you guys. Hell, you all took me through puberty! So anyway, thanks for all the fantastic music and great times through the years. You're the greatest.

KISS fan forever,
Sue B.

Cody - A Loyal Fan:July:03

I have been a huge fan of yours since I was 12, I am now 18. You inspired me
to pick up some sticks and start playing drums. I also buy everything I can with your face on it. I have been lucky enough to see KISS in concert twice and I got 2 of the guitar picks you threw out, they are my prized posesions, Anyhow thanks for the great music and being such an inspiration and maybe someday I will be lucky enough to meet you.
A Loyal Fan - Cody Smith
Alex Chachula:July:03
I have been a fan of yours and Kiss since 1974, without question you are the best drummer the band has ever had. I was thrilled to see the reunion tour, and thought it was great that you and the boys got back together.
Keep on Drumming Peter, because the music will never dye if you keep playing it.
Alex Chachula

Andrea - Thanks - :July:03
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you! Because of you, I started back to college after the reunion tour! I will be graduating from Old Dominion University in May 2004 with a BS in Accounting. I was 14 in 1975 and thought I had everything in front of me. Life kinda got in the way. The 1996 tour with the real Kiss made me realize I still had it all in front of me and only I could do something about it. It has been tough sometimes but you seem to show up just when I need you to. I bought Kiss albums because they had a cat! Who knew what and effect that decision would have on my life 27 years later! Thanks so much for choosing to be a cat.


Kyra from 'OZ':June:03

Hi Peter,
My mummy is writing this because I can't type that good. I just wanted to show you what I looked like at the Concert in Australia this year. My mum picked me up on Thursday night and we went to the dress rehearsal. You waved to me and the photographer took a photo of me. Everyone kept asking me to, If they could have their photo taken with me because I looked cute. I hope you like the picture.

Love your youngest Catfan from 'OZ',

Rick Zalud:Thanks!!!:June:03
Dear Peter,
I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for giving me many years of pleasure, listening to all of your music. In my opinion you are the best drummer I have ever heard. Your songs seem to come from your heart. Someday I hope to meet you and thank you in person. Beth is one of my favorite songs, and I will never forget your drum solos, especially in God of Thunder. I wish I had 1/10 of your talent.
Thanks Again,
Rick Zalud
My name is Angela, I first saw you when I was in 6th grade, in '98 I think. My middle name is Beth, so when I heard you sing that song, I was in love with KISS (I was formally a teenybopper and hated all rock music). I then became obsessed with KISS. You were my favorite. I now have seen you 3 times. If it wasn't for KISS, especially you (Peter), I would still be a teenybopper trying to be like everone else. If I ever become a rockstar (my goal in life), you get most of the credit for inspiration.

Monchiy from Japan:May:2003

Hi my hero! How's doing okay?! I saw your show tonight, It was so great and I was moved. I sang "BETH" with you, but why did you sing the song in the middle of the show? I wanted to hear it last of the show, Because "Beth" is so special to me and is so beautiful. By the way, Did you get my present? I sent you blue roses to your dressing room. I'm big 100% fan of you, So I knew that you love blue roses... I really hope that you were love it., and did you read my message card? I'll go to your show in Yokohama Areana on Saturday. My seat is very 1st row. I think that you can see me when you sing "BETH", So please give me your big smile and your towel. I'll bring a 100 blue roses and give it to you when after singing "BETH", So please pick up (or catch it). I gave you my special cd-r. I think that you don't hear it yet. If you have time and I hope you have fun. Thanks for reading my letter(I'm not good at speak in English, So this letter is so bad I know). Don't catch a cold and Take care of your health.

Love Always, xxx

George Soliman:May:03
Dear Peter,
I've been a Kiss fan since 1st grade and still am to this day. I'm from Australia currently in the States. I remember as a kid I use to collect Kiss cards and had got the famous make up box some real good years to remember. About the time i became a fan back in 78 it wasn't very long after that you left the band it was so dissapointing cause your my favorite member and i remember thinking its not going to be the same without Peter. I have all the lps and now cds from the first kiss album to unmasked that still had you on the cover even thou you didnt do the album if im correct. I have to say I think your a kick ass drummer! I remember my friends and I shouting out loud Peter Criss is the best drummer on the planet to us you are, I still listen to Alive 2 disc - God Of Thunder that is some awesome drumming, Anyway Peter its great to have you back again that was the best Kiss news I heard!
Rock On!!!!!!!!!!
Phil Snow:May:03
Awesome website! You are truly a genuine good guy! I just wanted to tell you that you were my inspiration to become a drummer. I always loved watching you play the drums because you always seemed to be have such a great time doing it. I always thought 'Man, I would love to do that!' Here's to you and your future success.
Phil Snow of Springfield, Illinois
Talon Berrios-Fan of The Month-April:03

Talon is a 2nd generation KISS fan who grew up listening to the band's music with his dad (who is a KISS fan), As you can see from this photo of Talon he is a big Peter Criss fan and with a little help from his mom and dad they got Peter's make-up and costume purrfected right down to a towel around his neck (like Peter at the end of a show!) and he even has Peter's tattoo's (temporary) on his arms!!! The Catman loved it!!! Here's to a job well done!

Steve Lamontagne:Apr:03
Dear Peter,
I've been a huge KISS fan since I bought ALIVE! at age 10. I've seen the band over 20 times and was so happy when the reunion tour happened in '96. I was surfing on the net and was so happy to find out that you have a new website! Way to go! My 8yr.old daughter saw you sing "Beth" on the Second Coming of KISS video and she started crying, She was sad that you had lost your parents and was touched by your honesty, Which lead to a great parent and child discussion about,love ,parenting and life in general. My wife and daughter are now KISS fans too(in the learning stages...) Peter, best of luck in your endeavours and I hope that you continue to make music as long as it makes you happy.

Best Regards,
Steve Lamontagne
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Luky from Prague:Apr:03
I have to say that Peter has a great website. I've been a KISS fan for 4 years, but I missed the last KISS show in Prague. I love Peter so much! I started to play the drums because of you. I practice to my KISS albums everyday. Peter is for me the best drummer in the world! I have many KISS albums and 2 of Peter's solo albums, but I want to have them all. I want to thank Peter for all his great music and I hope to see Peter in concert with KISS!

Best to you,
Luky from Prague


Hi, my name is Bryan Foster and I am an 18 year old drummer, Peter Criss has inspired me to be a drummer since I was seven years old. His drums were always the best looking and he always sounded great, thats how he inspired me. I started playing drums at the age of eight and finally got a sears brand set when I was twelve. I have used that set up until a week ago when I finally saved up enough money for a pearl set. The reason I bought it was because I know he used them (Back in the 70's) and figured ah what the heck, tryed them out, and bought them, they are my pride! I would like to thank Peter Criss for all the years of KISS and his Solo work, Thanks a lot! You Rule Catman!

Your #1 Fan,

Bryan Foster,
Watervliet, Michigan

Stacy(a.k.a Sherrie Criss):Mar.03
Hi! My name is Sherrie Criss! Well, actually, it's not- it's Stacy- but that's the pen-name I go by when I have my work published. I love Peter Criss. I have not been a KISS fan for very long when compared with some of the other, original "die-hards" that have been with the Catman over the last 30 years. I have not been alive that long. I am 19 years old. He is what turned me on to KISS, Peter Criss has saved my life with his music and the struggles he has faced and overcome in his life have helped me through some really hard times in mine, and have inspired me to hold on and keep going, even when I didn't want to. I might not be here if it wasn't for him. For my birthday I got a Catman tattoo on my left arm, just like his. I love him and I am proud to display my love for him for the rest of my life. If there is one person I could ever meet in this world, Peter would be it. I love you, Peter! Thanks for the music, and for everything! Love, =^_^= "Stacy"
Mark from Aussie:Mar:03
Hi Peter and Webstaff, I just wanted to say thanks for such a great website. I love visiting it all the time. Thanks especially, seeing as you don't make any money off it and the expense must come straight out of your own pocket! It's nice to know you keep us fans updated with your life even though it cost you money. I was at the "KISS Symphony" show in Melbourne. WOW!!! It was great seeing you play! Bye for now, Mark: from Brisbane Australia
Donna and Brett:Mar:03
Hi Peter, Just want to thank you for coming to Australia & giving us a fantastic show, you guys & the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ROCKED! We could tell you were having a ball up there on stage on Friday night, as well as the night before when we watched the dress rehearsal, that was awesome to share a part of your "Kisstory". My husband Brett & I met you when you came to Australia in Feb1997, hopefully you may remember him giving you a silver cat pendant at Brisbane airport, but on this tour we were not lucky enough to catch up with you in Melbourne. However I was honored to meet your beautiful wife Gigi and Ed Kanon, by chance in a 7-11 store. They were both very friendly & I thank them both very much for their time. Hope you enjoyed your stay here in Australia Peter, the fans in Australia cannot get enough of Kiss! Donna Bartlett Australian Correspondent KISS KOLLECTOR FANCLUB Australia


Well I must say, the Peter expo was a hit and meeting Peter was super!!! Picking me to be one of the Cat fans of the month is a real honor. My boyfriend (Chad) and I are huge KISS fans and Chad is a lifelong Peter fan. We both were like kids seeing the Catman in person for the first time! You guys were so great to us. A big thanks to Peter for being so gracious. Just getting to meet Peter was the best, and him shaking our hand when he first entered the expo for the Q and A session was the greatest gift he could have ever given to us. Thanks to Peter again for that! Meeting your webmaster Jeff was great and we can never repay him for all his kindness. We both had a Wonderful time and special thanks to Peter and GiGi for putting up with us fans all day. WE LOVE YA PETER!!!

Tes and Chad

Pictured here Tes is "Dressed to Kill" at "An Audience with Peter Criss".

Colleen Gallo:Feb:03
Dear Peter, I've been a KISS fan since 1978. I've always thought the world of you. In a long ago interview that I'm sure you probably don't remember, you mentioned how important family was to you. I've never forgotten that. Now more than ever it means the world to me. I recently visited your web site and saw the tribute to your mom. Just lost mine. Will that wound ever heal? Doesn't feel like it. Love you Catman,Take care and Keep on Drummin'! Sincerely, Colleen Gallo
Susan and John Jordan:Feb:03
Peter, I just have to tell you about my little boy who is 5 years old. His name is John and he loves KISS. He keeps asking for me to play some rock n roll. When I ask what he wants me to play, he says, "You know" and then he sings very softly, "I wanna Rock n Roll all night and party every day"! He is always dancing while he sings. He is just too cute. Peter is our favorite and has been my favorite for 26 years. Keep on Rockin! Love Susan Jordan (and John)
Fan of the Month Jan.2003: MARTY E. #8

Halloween is all about having fun, and maybe being something that you always wanted to be...something a little bit more than what you are (yet). I've been a Kiss fan since age 4, and I decided that I wanted to be the most recognizable drummer on the planet (especially New York), Peter Criss. I had a really nice girl at work help me with the makeup, and went out for one hell of a night (I even got a wealth of compliments on the subway ride downtown). Here is a pic from that night...along the way, I met a new friend who had similar "ROCKSTAR" aspirations that night. Her name is Tricia Romano, and she does the "Fly Life" column every week in the Village Voice. But, here, she's all Paul! photo by Cary Conover


Pictured here are some Fans waiting for Peter's arrival in front of the City Center for the Families of Freedom Fund Benefit back on Nov.20.02. Peter was gracious enough to sign a few autograph's and take some picture's as well. As you can see from the photo they are true KISS and Peter Criss Fans-holding up the 1st KISS album and the "I WAS THERE" reunion poster as well as the KISS BOX SET and ALL of Peter's solo cd's. Thanks for your support in coming out! The Webmaster for PeterCriss.net

HELLO, Peter i just want to tell you that i'm a DEVOTED KISS FAN since 1976 and KISS would be NOTHING WITHOUT YOU! The Catman is what the WHIPPED CREAM IS ON THE CHOCOLATE CAKE! I've always admired you and I've always LOVED YOUR VOICE,SOUNDS SO SEXY TO ME! You are a VERY TALENTED DRUMMER and ENTERTAINER! I saw you for the first time in quebec with KISS for the Farewell tour in 2000,and when you started to sing "Beth",in front of the audience man,I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! You were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Hope to see you again with KISS or your own band someday soon,coming back to our warm little city in Canada. HUGS and KISSES to you PETER, XOXO-GOD BLESS YOU... Johanne Gagnon-Quebec,Canada
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