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Fan of the Month - 2010


Just thought y'all might like this it me when I was 13 years old.


Hi Peter.

I don't know if you actually read these or don't but I wanted to take a chance. I am a drummer of almost 20 years much like your style. You inspired me to be a drummer when I was 5 years old. I used to paint my face, pull a stool up to the couch and play Alive 2 along with you with a couple of sticks I broke in the woods. I learned perfect tempo and flow from listening to your drumming. You are my all time hero. I dressed up as you for Halloween for at least 7 years and recently, I've been with a band for 3 years now, got into full carman garb for a halloween gig. You are a true inspiration to all drummers and made me into one of the best drummers in Florida. I just wanted to thank you for being who you are and bringing the gift out in me that I never would have known I had. I truly hope to meet you someday and thank you in person. You are a phenom and deserve all the credibility in the world as a first class drummer. Thank you for building my life on a strong foundation and ignoring the negative it was bound for.


Randy Smith


This is my daughter Madison.

She is a HUGE KISS fan, and wants to be Peter in a KISS tibute band some day. Here is a picture of her trying out a set of drums, that she wants for Christmas! Her favorite songs are Deuce, Do You Love Me and Black Diamond.

Madison wants Peter to keep Rockin' and to have a great holiday!


Hi Peter,

my name is Darren. I am 44 years old and still remember the day that I heard 100,000 years and that is the reason that I play the drums today. I have always been a fan and you are a great inspiration.



Hi catman`s fans!!

Im Shantal from Mexico rock city, I want to share with you this pic...it`s me with the peter`s first makeup. I did it by myself on halloween just to remember that great years!! I love Peter and Im so proud of him and his fight against cancer!!Rock on catman and remember your fans loves you!!


Just wanted to say thanks for all the years of really influential music, you and Ace are the reason I became a musician and songwriter.

Thanks again!


Hi Peter,

I recently pulled out your old solo lp from 1978 and man it sounds SO good! I have to admit listening to it as a 12 year old kid I didn’t quite get it, probably because it wasn’t the guitar driven rock that I was used to from KISS, but now...wow, what a great record, such great songs! I can’t believe some of them weren’t huge hits. And of course the drumming on the songs you played on with that unmistakable Peter Criss feel, and your voice(my favorite voice from KISS) without these two things KISS is not KISS as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been a drummer (for about 34 years now) and I just wanted to tell you that for me, like so many other drummers out there, you’re the reason I started drumming. My best friend played me KISS Destroyer when it was released in 1976 and that was it!

Thanks for the truly inspiring drumming.



i would like to say that it was because of peter criss that i wanted to play drums and i have always been i love with playing drums. thank you peter criss. for showing me a way to channel my energy into something positive than a negitive. you are and always will be my favorite all time drummer.


angelo hawley


Hi Peter,

my name is Jordan Johnson and i am 8 years old. I love KISS and you are my favorite . I listen to your music and play my guitar to it everyday! I am sending a pic of me with makeup on like you. Thanks for reading !!



Dear Peter,

Thanks for being one of my first inspirations. I've always been drawn to the drums since I was a kid. I'm 43 now and have been playing drums for 30 years now. You were one of my first teachers ,so to speak, and what I've learned from you I continue to apply whenever I play.

God bless.


Hey Peter

my name is Sam I am a huge fan of your drumming I started because of you. I just wanted to thank you for playing the drums.

Sam Curtis


hay, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration ! when i was a kid i played drums to all your records, OOps i said records i guess i just showed my ass there.LOL but any way, i especially love the song (beth) i think you have to be a musician to really understand it. and i do.




How are you? I'm Santiago from argentina , i'm 16 years. I'm Listening KISS since i have 11 years , I play guitar, I have to say that your solos from the 70's shows are great, But what i really love us the way that you sing , exclusively In The Unplugged from 1995, the versions of beth are really amazing, i mean versions because you done it 3 times (you really sing from the heart, like you play drums) , but in the original release of the unplugged album is only one. So You are great men, i love you, God Bless You Pete!

Bye, I hope you recibe my e-mail.


Hi Peter!!

I'm Bruno i'm from Brazin, and I'm a big big fan of kiss and you of course!! You're amazing man, i'm 22 years old but i've a lot of kiss videos and LP's and i cry everytime i see you sit at the Kiss Drums!
so, i would like to thank you to be part of my life, and if you read this messaqe, i'll be happy for the rest of my life!

Because you know i exist!

Thanks Peter! I LOVE YOU!!!


My name is Stolpovsky Anton and I from Russia!)) I am your big fan!)) I love Your songs, it so cool))))) I wish great success to you and always be happy!! We love you!!!!)))


Hi I'm Taylor Lamontagne. I'm 16 years old and have been a big fan of KISS since I was 8, so about half of my life already. I saw KISS for the first time ever last fall during the 2009 tour. My favourite records are Dressed to Kill and Alive ! I can play drums to the song "Anything For My Baby" and I love the song Cold Gin and of course Beth.


Hi Peter,

My name is Ron Benton, 22, student at the University of Montana. You probably get these e-mails all the time, so I will cut to the chase. I'm a big fan of your drumming and KISS. I was being sung to sleep by you guys when I was just a little guy. I asked my dad for a drumset when I was like 7 because I wanted to be like you. I finally got my wish at the age of 11, and have been playing since. You are an amazing musician.

God Bless.



hey peter like the site.played drums since age 13,professional since 15.you were the reasom i learned to drum.thk you.i look forward to meeting you some dazy.i listen to kiss alive 1 daily of course your drum solo.

thx again god bless




I attended my first Kiss concert at age 9 with my older brothers, and immediately fell for the cat. You were the reason I took up the drums so many years ago. Now at age 41, my job keeps me away from home alot and I get to missing my family. Recently I was working a very long job and my boss made the off hand comment "Just a few more hours". Immediately your voice came to mind and I got through that shift singing "Beth" to myself and thinking of my own "Beth" IE: family back home. My partner that night and I reminisced and I just want to say Thanks for all the memories

From Washington


Hey Catman,
Just one of those days where I thought of you and once again, and I can't say it enough, THANK YOU for being the sole reason for doing what I do...I love you man....

Troy Powell-"The KATMAN"....KISSMANIA Las Vegas


Hello,Peter,I am your fan and of KISS since I was,like,7 and now I'm. 35.I really enjoyed your music guys, I still do !! Especially the way you play the drums, woww !!

Jose Colin


Hi Peter

my name is Stefano I 9 years old , my hunt write for me this letter I like you know I play drum like you and I m a fan.


Hello Peter,

I just wanted to send you a quick shoutout to say hello, and I sure miss you in the band KISS. The last time I saw you it was in San Antonio Texas. I saw you guys for the last time together . When you sang Beth ,( which my daughters middle name) that was the best song of the nite. I have never seen Kiss since. I've been s fan since 1975. I will always be a fan. Thanks for everything .

Thank you,
Mike Torres



I've loved your music and have been amazed by your talent for over 32 years and now my 4year old son, Padric, is all about you! I received an LP of 'Dressed to Kill' for Christmas when I was about 14 and that started it all (The saddle shoes were funny). Ever since I played a video of one of your solos my son was hooked as early as 3. He doesn't say that he wants to listen to KISS... he says that he wants to hear a Peter Criss CD when we're driving and occasionally misses my head rest (his car seat is behind me when I drive) with his drum sticks and uses the top of my head as part of his kit. Painful, but funny as he's yelling for me to turn it up. He won't let his hair get cut so he "look like Peter Criss" (makes his mother and grandmother mad, but I told them that "you do what you want with our 2 girls... the boy is mine) and cries and yells when he can't bring his sticks into church (weekly debate in the parking lot).
Thank you again for the years of amazing work and inspiration. Hey to your family and God bless!

Liam and Padric McKay


Hi Peter -

It was so nice to meet you Wednesday night @ MSG. My girlfriend Patti couldn't believe I spotted you two sections away. Thanks for stopping and chatting with me, I was feeling under the weather that day, but as you can see from my "Cheshire Cat" smile, you made my night, plus a NYR win! After you took the pic with me, these guys stopped and asked me who you were. I told them, Peter Criss, "Original Drummer" for KISS. They said Wow, how did you recognize him? I said, "Are you Shittin" me?, I've been a fan since I was 13 years old"! They both cracked up. Thanks, again.

Anthony "Chris" Cennamo


Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" and God bless for all the years  of GREAT music!! As a long time Kiss fan..since it all began to the present day "YOU" are the only person who should be behind that kit. We Brooklyn born Italians need to stick together!!! lol. Once again THANK YOU! I wish all the best to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Frankie Losinno


I just wanted 2 tell U that I am one of Ur greatest fans of all time!!!! I miss U and i hope U r really happy and doing want U want 2 do..................... i met U once in 1979 in los angeles,ca at a warehouse on sunset blvd ..... I have never forgotten that meeting ever!!!!! thank 4 just being U and all the joy U brought into my life with ur music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, sincerly Ur fan FOREVER...................

Patricia Horton



It was some time ago when you were playing Madison Square Garden and I
managed to slip backstage somehow and watch your soundcheck. You probably
don't remember me but I was the girl with the white blond hair and light
blue fuzzy sweater who, after you were done, asked you to sign my drawing of
you guys. It was an amazing experience and I have never forgotten it. I am
not a drummer myself but I admire your drumming style, having had pretty
much drummers for all my boyfriends...lol....Anyway, I am glad to see you going strong and keeping busy. Come to NY and do a workshop or something. I would love to give ya a hug and wish you well and watch you drum. You are gifted by god.

My friends always teased me because when I was younger I said I wanted to
marry you.......want a young trophy wife? I'm all yours....I'm joking

God Bless-


1976 Peter Criss Shirt I am Wearing In This Pic...

Wow, that took me on a bunch of trips back, just looking at that pic, and all the hell i went through from then til now, Finally Following Jesus...


Hi Peter,

my name is Chris and I just want to say that to me you are the greatest drummer and musician there is. I have been a fan for a few years now and nobody comes close to your talent for I believe nobody puts as much heart and soul into their music as you do. I am aspiring to be a drummer for you have inspired me with your technique and your vocals in songs like Hard Luck Woman, Beth, Black Diamond, as well as your solo pieces which are absolutely amazing. You are the greatest there is and nobody compares to you and your music. May you and your family have a prosperous and safe new year.


Chris N



My name is Mikey and I am 11 years old.I just bought all four Kiss Solo Albums and I thought they were amazing.

One of my favorite songs is I Can't Stop the Rain by Peter Criss.







I sincerely hope you read your emails, as I am such a huge fan. From KISS of course, to your solo work, you and KISS are the reason I wanted to be in a band. From the age of five, sitting in my best friend's bedroom floor with his older brothers copy of Destroyer, my mouth and eyes wide open in amazement...in total awe....I was instantly hooked. One of my most favorite songs from the entire catalog is Baby Driver! I have such tremendous admiration and respect for what you have acheived and just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much you are adored and respected for your contributions to the Rock and Roll world. I have just signed a deal myself, and will be embarking on our first major tour once the cd releases, and you played a big part my even wanting that dream to begin with. My most sincere thank you and hope to hear back from you. Be blessed hardcore Catman!!!!

Eddie Green

Brian & Amy/Jan/2010


A "Fans from Catland" 2009 Halloween tribute to the one and only "Catman". I have always been a fan of #3, my favorite member of Kiss, since the beginning. "Season's Greetings" to you and your family and may 2010 be happy and prosperous. Keep on Rockin!

Brian & Amy Schwaab
Baltimore, MD

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