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Fan of the Month - 2002

HELLO, Well let me see,where can I begin... I LOVE THE WEBSITE!!! It's clever,It's clean and It's fast...I LOVE the Design and Feeling of the site to. It's Professional and Extremely well done and most important...It's about Peter! I am submitting my picture and a bit of a story on how I became a Peter fan. I am a 29 year old woman from Brazil. My first contact with KISS was 21 years ago when I heard "Black Diamond" and immediately fell in love with the man who sang it. Although by that time Eric Carr was in the band,the first album I bought was the 1st KISS album. Peter conquered me then,with his Amazing rythym and musicality. At that age I had never heard such an INCREDIBLE DRUMMER and Peter was more than that he was a Complete Musician!!! I finally got the chance to see the Catman live when KISS came to Brazil on the Psycho Circus tour and I was thrilled!!! Thank you so much for this site...We,Peter Fans need to know what he's up to. It's the best thing ever!


Great site! You have always been one of my "HERO'S" and a "BIG INFLUENCE" on my life. I've seen you play several times and I think you are great! GOOD LUCK with your New Music and your Acting. One of your BIGGEST FANS! DOMINIC


First off I just want to say that I love the website! Anyway, I'm a major fan of yours...you inspired me to pick up playing the drums, and that was in 1978! You are such an inspiration, you've been through so much...and you've done so much. I met you once back in 95 and you were the sweetest person! Thank you so much for being true to yourself...and your fans. Love, Nicole Gibran

Nov 02 - Patrick D.

I've always been a huge Peter Criss fan. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter a few times, and he was always very cool to me. I even did a phone interview with him back in 1994 around the time he released CRISS CAT #1. The interview was supposed to last 5 to 10 minutes but it went on for 35 minutes! Peter was very receptive and talked a lot. He took the time to sign EVERYTHING, talked and was just overall very cool. I am taking this opportunity to say to Peter "Thank you". Thank you for always being cool to me, I really appreciate it. It was a joy for me to see you behind the KISS drumkit once again. I've included a photo of Peter and I back in 1994!

Nov 02 - Don and Lisa

Wow, what a great site. I'm really glad Peter has his own page. I was looking at the fan of the month pictures and decided to send in one of myself (Don), Lisa and Peter. We do stained glass for a hobby/living and have been KISS fans since 1975 and decided to make a glass piece of the CATMAN. We attended 17 Farewell Tour shows and we were lucky enough to get to meet Peter at the Erie PA. show. We gave him the stained glass panel and spoke to him for a few minutes (wow what a super nice guy ) and were thrilled when he offered to have a picture taken with us. This is something we will never forget!!!! I sent along the picture of the three of us. Peter is the guy in the middle. (Just kidding) Keep up the great work on the web page, and we would like to say a rocking HELLO to Mr. Peter Criss. Thanks for all the great years of music, rock & roll and making a concert exciting to go and see. Your fans forever Don & Lisa


I am so glad that your site is up and running! When I found out,I quickly went to your site and I almost cried! No,I'm not crazy or anything like that,Pete-"You were sorely missed!" Like a long lost best friend... Welcome back to our hearts! You're looking good man! A life long fan and friend

Oct 02 - Jim Aiello

I just wanted to take a second to say PETER CRISS.NET is "FANTASTIC"! I have been a Peter fan for more than 20 years and he is the reason I play drums.The man has Soul and Style.I am planning a trip to the KISS EXPO to meet Peter in Jan. Keep up the great work and thank you, JIM AIELLO

Oct 02 - Zachory

The Lyman family loves KISS ! And they sent this family photo to Peter featuring little Zachory as the Catman , Father Steve as Ace and daughter Kelsee as the demon. Mom, Paula did an amazing job with their makeup. Thanks for your letter and great photos!
Oct 02 Victoria

Our October 'Fan of the Month' is 11 year old Victoria, from Parsippany, New Jersey. She loves the Catman, and we thank her for showing her pride with the beautiful makeup and letter!

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