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Fan of the Month - 2006

Hey Peter,

I met you last Saturday. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome couple minutes I got to talk and all. I hope to see you really soon. Whether it be here on Long Island, New York City, or out in New Jersey.

Heres a pic of us from Saturday

Thanks Peter, you rock!




Just a quick note to thank you for the years of entertainment. I picked up the sticks because of you and although I am a little older now since that first concert in 1976 I saw you at, I am still have fun with the drums.

I just finished watching the Kiss-Story DVD and had to drop you a quick note. Your drumming was so dam GREAT!

Take care, and God Bless!




I've been a KISS fan for nearly thirty years and I still get a rise out of listening to your drum solo on Alive. It is my favourite solo and I've never gotten tired of hearing it. The first KISS concert I went to was Dynasty and the last one was in 2003 which you also played in. It was thrilling to see you sing 'Beth' once again. I was there for you then and I'm still here for you now!




Dear Mr. Criss:

My name is Barb, my husband Chad and I are very big KISS fans. I wanted to send this pic to you of our youngest daughter, she won for creepiest costume at her school halloween dance. I think she should have won for best, or most original costume, but she was excited. The idea to dress for halloween as you, was hers, she is the next generation of fans. She listens to the music, knows all the words, and says she wants to be a drummer like you. Her name is Erin, and she is 9 years old. I thought you might like to know the wide range of people that you inspire.

Yours Truly
Barbra Carter


Dear Peter,
My name is James Sissler. I am 12 years old and have been a huge fan for a long time. I recently met you at the modern drummer drum festival.

It was great to finally meet you! I’ve been you for Halloween for the past two years and plan on being you this year and many years after that. Attached is a picture of me the first year I was you. My mom and I made the costume and she also helped me dye my hair and paint my face.

Your number one fan,


Dear Peter,

I first became a fan of Kiss in 1976. You were always my favorite, and to this day you still are. My room looked like a Kiss museum, with posters on every wall starting from the ceiling down. I had just about every piece of memorabilia I could get my hands on and I listened to my Kiss records daily. I had the opportunity to see you 6 times in concert from 1977-1979 & 1996-2000. You truly brought great happiness to my young teen years and beyond that I will never forget. Who would?ve thought after 30 years I would finally get to meet you, and even get to show you pictures that were taken of me in my ?Kiss room? when I was a teen with the cat makeup on. Well on October 29th, 2006 it became a reality at the Chiller Theater convention in New Jersey. Meeting you was definitely worth the 30 year wait! You are truly the nicest guy I have ever met. I was so happy to have you autograph my 1977/1978 Kiss tour book, take a picture with you and even get a hug. What could've been better than that???

My daughter and husband were also thrilled to meet you, especially since they are also big fans of yours. I couldn't possibly express what that day means to me.

Thank you again,

Cecilia T. Brooklyn, NY


I would just like to say how much of a fan of yours that i have been. I have been a fan since I was a small child. I remember my my uncle having the solo album poster in his room. I would always point to your picture and say that you were the best. When you guys (KISS) reunited, I was elated, I traveled from Camp Lejeune, NC to Birmingham,Al to see a reunion concert. And to Atlanta,Ga as well. I was in the field for the NC stops. I was in the Marines at the time so they took precedence. When it was time to put on the camo face paint, I tried to paint my face like the CATMAN. Needless to say, I was taken out of view by the Platoon Sergent and made to do push ups and other excersises . I really didn't care, I thought back to the concerts. When I saw that you weren't in KISS anymore, I stopped listening for a while. If i listen to KISS it is all the old stuff. Without you and ACE, KISS is nothing but Gene and Paul's tribute to themselves. Putting Eric and Tommy in the original costumes makes me mad as hell. I refuse to see a KISS concert now. Best wishes to you.

Brian Ojida
Malone, NY


Dear Peter,

Let me start by saying that the KISS of the '70s was a truly great rock band, and your primal, no-frills, kick-ass drumming and singing had A LOT to do with that. I know this to be a fact as I listen to "Alive!" and watch your performances on video. As a 39-year-old drummer who has played in bands ranging from rock to jazz, I have to say you've probably influenced me more than any other drummer. Your style is solid and seems real to me. The very first KISS album I bought was "Dressed To Kill," and it still blows me away. "Getaway" is still one of my all-time favorite songs. I also like your solo work, especially "Hooked On Rock 'n' Roll." Thanks for all of the inspiration, and all the best in your current projects and efforts. God Bless!

David B.


Hey guys, I just wanted to show you a picture that I did of peter back during the psycho tour. It shows the spirit of the catman. I have been a fan for over 28 years and peter was my original hero. Now my daughter and I share the same rock and roll hero. I started drawing the catman when I was young and it turned into a life long dream to be as good an artist as peter was on the drums. After doing graphic art for over 25 years I'm still trying to meet my goal. Thanks for the many years and keep on rocking.

Andy Crooks


Dear Peter,

I never wrote to any of my favorite bands before, but now I can say it is truly an HONOR to write to and to express my gratitude KISS has made in my life.It has been 30 years since I was a young kid who had picked up a true kick ass band. It was the reason I picked up a guitar, sorry but yes the guitar was an instrument that has kept me sane in my life. I started when I was 14 (1982) years old and knew who the first band was, KISS!! Ma I remember Kiss meets the Phamtom, I believe was on ABC in '79?But anyway thank you guys for being that band that has never proven me wrong!!God Bless and Keep You Always ....KISS


Hey Pete!
I just wanted to drop you a line and say that after 27 years of playing drums,thanks for still being "The Rock that makes me Roll." I wouldn't still be doing it without you.God Bless you and your family.Hope to be aknowledged by my "hero" one day.Untill then,keep doing what you're doing and never change.You ARE and ALWAYS will be,"KAT #1!"

Troy Powell-"The Katman"/


Hey my friend! the only reason i dared to write here is because i saw that you post the comments of your fans. Let me tell you thta i´ve been a Kiss Fan since i was 7 years old and i got my first LP os KISS, that one was Destroyer, just love it! And let me tell you something that i´m sure you know and all the people tell you, no matter who´s playing drums in KISS, you´ll always be the original for us, your fans! In fact, you´re way of singing was sooo inspiring for me, I became an artist, composer and musician beacuse of you guys. I just wanted to tell you how important is for me to know you. I´m a professional musician now, tour the workd with a Latin american artist named Franco De Vita, wich is very famous, and you guys are my inspiration on stage!!!! Now i live in Miami, I send you a big hug Peter, i know is difficult but i´d like to meet you someday. You´re teh best!! Rock n´roll.

Manny Dikez


This was done about a year ago. I like the way it really catches the real kiss! Thanks for the many years.

Andy Crooks



I have only been a KISS fan for about a year now and i think they are the BEST thanks to my girlfriends dad.
I just want to let you know that the other drummers of KISS are brilliant but because you were the original drummer, none of them are quite as good as you!

from Anthony Owen


August 1st, 2006

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for all the years of great entertainment. I was a fan early on and through the seventies - and quite frankly have not really listened since. But I happened across your interview with Eddie Trunk today and it really revealed your heart and seemed to put some light to the issues between you and the band.

I really appreciate your sincerity and wish the best for you and your family.

Thanks again...

Curtis Heil


Hey Peter,
I just wanted to say thanks for the 30 years of great rock n roll. Every fan has a favorite member of kiss and you were always mine. Now I have a little girl 12 not so little anymore, that loves you more than I could ever have. I have been a graphics artist for over 22 years and when I was a child kiss was what I started drawing and it has grown to be a great hobby that makes me very happy. Thanks for all the inspiration. Andy Crooks



I am 35 , and have been a Kiss fan since I can remember. My oldest son Richard just turned 10 today, and has been playing the drums for a year and a half.

He has been a fan since he was 2. My youngest son Jared is 2, and is already a fan as well. My wife Julie, is a big fan as well. She is also a huge Alice Cooper fan.

When she saw your interview on VH1 – When Kiss Ruled the World, and you said about Kiss being 4 Alice Coopers, she loved it. I want to thank you for all your music, and the years you have given us. You are GOD of the drums. God Bless You

Ryan Miller

By the way, when Richard was a baby Beth was his favorite lullabye


Hi Peter

I am posting my KISS tattoo on your website. KISS is my favorite band of all time.

God Bless
Ben Barber



I just wanted to let you know what a huge influence you’ve been to me. I started playing the kit at 11 years old, and the first song I learned to play was God Of Thunder. The first time I ever got to actually see you was Oct. 18th on the Reunion tour – scored front row seats by being first in line. You blew me away, and I had the honor of sitting in front of the Spaceman himself for the whole show. I can’t wait for you to get your CD done, and the book – you know our mouths are watering for the book. HA! Thanks for being you, Catman...




I'm 42 and listened to Kiss from the beginning. Bought every record, and credit you with my drumming style/talent. Back then I had long hair, no friends, (just started new highschool), until I played your 100,000 years solo that you taught me off my record with hugh speakers. It seemed everyone wanted to be my friend, that was in 1979. People that see me still talk about that solo. Peter , you should have seens the crowd, it was a yawning fest till I laid my sticks down, everybody in the place roared when I walked off the basketball court. I felt like I was a rockstar. Not that I'm saying I am the greatest drummer, I just have you to thank for that moment. I can still play every kiss song. I'm married , I taught my wife and daughter to play. We have a great time. Your still the greatest. You'll always have a spot in my admiration.

Your greatest fan

Ben Arehart


First of all I want to say thank you and God Bless You for everything you have given us,(the fans). you are the reason I began playing drums when I was a wee lad of 8. I have been a KISS fan since I was 6. After hearing ALIVE that was the beginning of the end for me so to speak.lol Again I just wanted to thank you for being you, and never straying away from all of us "true" KISS fans, I know I speak for all of us when I say we love you and GOD bless you in everything you do personalwise and professional.

Your's truly,

Keith Sterling

p.s. I've included a pic of my fav. tat, (still in the process of completion)


Mr. Peter Criss,
I gotta say that's been years since my 1st KISS concert(and 1st concert period) back in 1978 in Providence,R.I. ...man what a show!!! I felt alil outta place being the only brotha(atleast it felt like it)...LOL...but it was a GREAT SHOW!
I have to say KISS definately influenced me even though I'm a Funk/JAZZ/Rock bassist your playing/musicianship inspired me.
Good to see you guys STILL doin' ya thing!


Mark F.


Dear Peter,

Peter I may only be nine but I love your music. My big sister Meredith and her best friend Sophie turned me on to KISS music and you turned out to be my favorite. On Halloween they dressed up like Gene and Ace and I dressed up like you, after that they gave me the nickname Peter jr.. I even play the drums because of you, I thought you were the most talented drum player ever so I got turned on to it. Thanks for all the great music.

P.S. Sophie's Mom's favorite is you too, and she's been a KISS fan forever!

One of your biggest fans,
Candace A.K.A. Peter jr.


Hey Peter,

well I've been a fan of yours ever since I started to play the drum kit. The first time I heard you was on my dad's Greatest KISS CD. Even though I'm only 15 years old I can rock out pretty good, well thats what I'm told. Well KISS is not the same without you man, but your still my favorite
drummer no matter what, well I hope to see you live in the future somewhere.


Dear Peter,
My name is Darryl Salazar, and I've been a fan of yours since 1975. I saw you with KISS here in Denver CO in 1977, and that night changed my life. That was my first ever live concert experience and I will never forget it as long as I live. I've seen KISS in all of it's many era's with and without you. To be truthful, KISS is not KISS without you and Ace. You are, and always will be " The One and Only Catman." All due respect to Eric Singer, he is a great drummer, but only you Peter Criss are worthy of wearing the Catman makeup. Thank You for being such a great inspiration to me as a Person and a Musician. I've been a drummer for 30 years and "The Catman" is my hero! Rock on brother!

God Bless You.


I thought you might enjoy seeing one of your fans playing the drums......

This is my 6 year old son Zech playing his drums(I'm going to buy him a bigger set soon). He wants to play the drums just like you. You and Ace are his favorites...............

Take Care and God Bless



Hello Peter! I am thrilled to find your website! I have added it to my list of favorites and will be checking in quite often. I have been a KISS fan since 1979. And I must have had a wee bit of influence on my kids- I have 2 sons which are into KISS (they are 21 and 9) but my daughter is a huge fan. Katelyn is 3 years old and has been madly in "love" with the CATMAN for about the last 9 months. She has several Peter Criss action figures and plush dolls- which she prefers over her Little Ponies or Princess Dolls. Thank God my mini van has a 6 disc CD changer in it so that I can load it up with KISS CD's, as she has me skip to Beth, Black Diamond, Dirty Livin, Baby Driver, Etc. She certainly knows which songs you sing and she gets amped up when the drum solo parts are coming. She sits in her car seat and pretends to be playing along with you! And much to her daddies dismay- she has informed him that she wants to learn to play the drums-"just like Peter!" (Dad plays piano and bought a lovely baby grand just after she was born-hoping she would follow in HIS footsteps.) I am forwarding a picture of her from Halloween this year. I had a very difficult time convincing her that we had to wash the makeup off before bedtime! She was so upset- but after I explained to her that you don't sleep in the makeup, she was ok with it.

I just want to thank you for all the years of great music. And for being an original member of the only band that makes one believe in magic, super heroes and that being different from all the rest is A-OK!

I wish you much happiness!



Saw you in 79 and 2 times in 03 with the guys, you were great, dont really care for simmons/stanley band these days, not the same without Ace and yourself, take care, come to DC soon,

Mike C...


Hello Peter,

My name is Richard Grossman, me and my family live in Buford, Georgia. I've been a KISS fan since the late 70's. I seen KISS four times. Two of them in my old hometown of Puerto Rico and twice here in Georgia. I had the chance of watching you while on tour supporting the Psycho Circus CD in Puerto Rico and while on tour with Aerosmith here in Atlanta Georgia. It was mind blowing listening to you singing Beth and Black Diamond.

My 10 year old daughter Natasha never had a chance of watching you live, she did see KISS on the Rock the Nation tour. Still, she is a big fan of the four original members of the band. On this past Halloween, she decided to Trick or Treat as a half witch half Rock Star and of course she chose to have your make up on. I hope the new year brings many good things to you and your family.

God Bless,
Richard and Natasha Grossman


Hey Catman,

My name is Elizabeth and I am 12 years old. I have recently been exposed to KISS's music and I loved it. THe first song I heard was God of Thunder. I said to myself, "THis is a really good song. I've got to get more of their music." The next song I heard, was Beth. At that point, I knew nothing about KISS. But when I found out that it was you who sang that song, you were instantly my favorite. I got more and more of your music because I liked it so much. I absolutly love the way you bring all of the songs alive when you play them. I think that the other drummers of KISS never made the songs sound as good as you did. I wish you were still in the band. I recently purchase "Rock the Nation" and thought that none of the songs were as good as when you played them. You are the one and only catman. I know that. You know that. The fans now that.

Elizabeth Gibbs


For over 25 years I've been listening to KISS. At 34, I'm a guitar palyer, but growing up I sat in my room for hours trying to copy your licks, beating on books and magazines spread out on the floor. I now have two daughters that are quite the little rockers. Two years ago, I dressed them up as Paul and yourself. That's Paul Stanley and Peter Criss, not "Starchild" and "The Catman"(just sounds funny to me). They won the local radio station's costume contest, and impressed everywhere they went. The costumes were simple, but I made them myself, and I'm no seamstress. I can't say that I hate KISS now, 'cause I don't, but you were very important to the whole KISS persona, one that they'll never again have. Good luck, and if KISS ever gets inducted into the Hall Of Fame, without a doubt, you'll have to put on the boots again. It's a joke that you're not in already.
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