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Fan of the Month - 2004

Big Stew from Canada:Dec/04

Peter, whatever goes on, and whatever happens, you must always know that you will always have the support and encouragement of your fans. Believe it or not being a Peter Criss fan is a badge of honour that we wear with pride. I love nothing more then saying, “Yeah, I am a Peter Criss fan. What are you going to do about it?”.

Being a Canadian Peter Criss fan does have its drawbacks. On those rare Halloween’s when it snows, sometimes all we can see are black & green cat eyes and black & sliver noses floating around. Oh well, it’s part of the badge.

Big Stew

Bonney St. Jean - Dec/04

Dear Peter, Thank you for making this past Halloween so special ! Everyone loves KISS ! Now if I could just start playing like you... I'm working on it...lol...

All the Best Love, Bonney St. Jean

Eddie Dunn - Dec/04

Hello Mr. Peter Criss~

My name is Eddie Dunn, I'm 37 years old and I live in Cincinnati.

I first discovered KISS in 1976 at age 9. My first glimpse of you guys was the DESTROYER album cover. I wasn't sure what to think regarding these images I was looking at, but I knew I liked them. Even as a child, I felt that eerie vibe of the music on that album. To this day I still say it's the best KISS record.

As time went on I collected everything I could concerning you guys. I was hooked. KISS was magic to me, and a mystery. A mystery I could not get enough of. I would sit in my room for hours listening to your records and not taking my eyes off the album covers. These images, these faces, were like candy to my eyes.

I played drums too back then, still do today. I used to "air drum" the entire KISS ALIVE! album, even your drum solo. That was quite a workout for a kid mind you. But I loved every minute of it. You were a great inspiration to me.

The first time I saw you live was in 1979 at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati during the DYNASTY tour. I was 12. Little did I know you would soon depart the band. So I consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed you with the band before your departure. Once you left, and the 4 original members were no longer together, I lost interest and went on to listen to other bands. From 1976 to 1980 I ate, drank, slept and breathed KISS. You guys were it for me.

When you guys reunited, I couldn't believe it. I got all nostalgic and broke out all the stuff I had saved from years past and just went through it and looked at it again. Albums, posters, magazines, etc. I thought to myself, here comes that magic and mystery again, what a thrill I thank you for the inspiration, the magic, the mystery, the music, and the images that helped me become the artist and musician I am today.

And, Peter, as a token of my appreciation, I would like you to see a charcoal portrait I did of you. I loved this particular photo of you and had to draw it. I hope you like. Mr Criss, it is an honor to have the opportunity to be writing to you. Thanks again for all the fun!

God bless you and your family!

Sincerely, Eddie Dunn


This picture was taken backstage in September 2003. My husband and I had platinum tickets for the Kansas City show. I shamelessly cried when I got Peter's rose. Peter completely won my heart that night. When we were lucky enought to get platinum tickets for the Oklahoma City show also, I was excited to repeat the entire experience all over again, but deep inside I was most excited to see and talk to Peter again. It was all I could think about. So here's a picture of us together.

This picture, along with my rose, will be proudly displayed in my home forever...


Mike Studard and son:Nov/04

Hey Pete. Name's Mike Studard.19 year old drummer and paramedic from Memphis, TN. Been a KISS fan all my life, and it's because of you that I play drums and have since I was 5. The band I'm in is called Life Without Parole and we do some Kiss covers and I even play and sing "Blue Moon Over Brooklynn", tell me I'm not a fan...lol...just wanted to let you know, that  my son Peter Garret Studard, was born on November 25th 2003 and is gonna be the next drummer in my family, hell he's named  after you, so he does not have a choice...lol...hope ya like the pic.


Daimion Bailey:Nov/04

Hello, here is a pic of my 3 yr old stepson. He loves Peter thats all he says when we mention KISS. He has already taken a liking to drums. We have a toy eltronic drum kit and thats all he does. When I play KISS songs on my guitar he is always getting his sticks out. It's great. Hope you will post this and thank you. My name is Lee Gibbert and my stepsons name is

Daimion Bailey.

Erika Simonsen:Oct/04

Hi, I'm 17 years old, and love to draw everything that has to do with KISS,  and wanted to show you my newest drawing of you, I hope you like it :)

Love you Catman, take care!

Wish you the best!

Erika Simonsen

Allison Ballenger:Oct/04


I just want to take a minute and say THANK YOU! For everything you have given the fans over all these years! God bless you! I have been a fan since '75 when I first saw KISS on American Bandstand. I cannot begin to tell you the love I have for the band. I know it's usually all about Gene and Paul and that's fine. But KISS is NOT my KISS without YOU and ACE!

In N.C. in Sept.03, I went Platinum and made my dream come true by meeting all of yall. You hugged me and got your makeup on me. You said "Look, ya got whiska's " And laughed! I will never forget it. I have enclosed a pic just for fun. Again, Thanks for being YOU and always remember... There's only ONE Catman!!!

God Speed!
Peace and Love, Allison Ballenger
Spartanburg, S.C. USA


Hi my name is Penny and on November 17th 2001 I married the biggest Peter Criss fan ever... He talks about you all the time and I think he would be honored if he were chosen as a Peter Criss biggest fan on your site. He thinks Peter is the best drummer in the world, because of this he picked up the drums and in less then 6 months I knew almost everything about Peter Criss I just wanted to write to you about my husband because he has been so good to me and I don't know how to thank him except for maybe having Peter Criss acknowledge him. For the last two years he has dressed as Peter Criss for Halloween. He'd probably dress that way everday if he could...He has almost all the KISS albums ever made but he listens to only songs sung by the Peter Criss and any song that has Peter playing the drums where you can really hear them.

To the all mighty CAT MAN PETER CRISS
from Penny and her little Cat Philip





Robert Dumont:Sept/04

Dear Peter,

I just want to take a moment of your time to thank you for all your hard work over the years and inspiration that you have given me. You are the SOUL reason why today, I'm a drummer. Back in the 70's when I first heard you I was totally taken and overwhelmed by your performances. In my bedroom, using old wooden clothes hangers for drum sticks and stacking up pots and pans, trash cans, books and just about anything that would make noise for drums (driving my parents fricken nuts) I pretended to be you. And to this day I have not been the same since I was first introduced to you and the rest of KISS. Again Peter, THANK YOU!!!

Here is a picture of me and my brother in '96 before the show at the Los Angels Forum. I'm the one on the right with the CATMAN makeup.

Thank you for taking time to read this and GOD BLESS!

Your biggest fan, Robert

Brett Bartlett:Sept/04

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say hi & send you this photo of my latest costume... your 1975 Cadillac High outfit. I'm 42 years old & have been a fan  since 1977! It'd be great to see you in Australia sometime for a solo tour.. you should think about it!

Rock on
Brett Bartlett
Brisbane, Australia

"The Dutch" Catman:Aug/04

To Peter and all the great people working for PeterCriss.NET

The first and only time I met The Catman off stage was in the summer of 1997. That was backstage in Utrecht - Holland. The Catman was riding a mountain bike and I think he was having lots of fun...

Because my favourite Kiss member is The Catman I put on The Cat's make-up in our Dutch tribute to Kiss: Just Psycho's...  We're not a coverband but just a few crazy Kiss-fans who terrorize Dutch city's once in a while, wearing the warpaint.

The Official Dutch Release of Psycho Circus was done by the four of us (and our amazing crew) in coörporation with Mercury Records, Record Store The Rock and a few other sponsors !

Catman 4-Ever

Yours Sincerely,
"The Dutch" Catman







CATMAN dude:

just e-MAiLing U to let U know you have been an influence in my life...i am a drummer too, and have played in a KISS tribute band as you and Eric Carr and have dressed up as the "CATMAN" every Halloween for the last 20 years! the first thing i learned on the drums when i was 8 years old was "wipeout" and your solo from KISS ALIVE II

-i'm totally with U on the KISS thing man...Paul +Gene $ are and have always been money greedy weasels! U and ACE are the coolest dude! KISS is now a joke!

thanks and keep ROCKIN' !
Love ya MAN! peace 3+


Steve Clark:July/04

Dear Peter & PeterCriss.net,

Hello, my name is Steve Clark, I like to consider myself a unique fan of Peters and I play in what I believe to be considered the Worlds #1 KISS tribute band "KISS ARMY", and I also consider myself to quite possibly be one of the biggest Peter Criss fans since childhood.

Peter is who I've admired as the coolest member of the original KISS lineup since I first laid eyes on them back in late '75... (to me, he's kinda like John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and James Dean all rapped up into one! With the coolest cat disguise ever on the outside!) You just can't BEAT how cool Peters persona is. He had me playing air drums to his classic "Alive" album solo at the age of 9! And, to me as I'm also sure many others would agree, Peter is definately THE -epitome- of 70's rock drummers no question...

I've had the pleasure of meeting Peter, and having him play -my- drums at the Chicago KISS convention of 1993 I believe, w/ "Strutter" the KISS tribute I was in at that time... (and afterwards having him tell me that I -really- had him 'down'! And even while hugging me onstage! tooo much!). To meeting him again on the reunion tour at their sound check and having -him- say hi and asking how I've been, AMAZING!!! He is truly my hero. And I can't say but the nicest things about Peter and how he definately notices, remembers and respects his fans and their endless passion in supporting him.

Bottomline, I want Peter to know we, meaning his "diehard" fanbase, can most certainly feel his absence from KISS, as well as Aces, and"I" know, as well as countless others too I'm sure, what incredibly unique, and special ingredients, that both he and Ace truly brought to the magic of "KISS" in the first place, and how irreplacable they are and how much credit they truly deserve.

I truly believe Peter's one of a kind style is not so easy to duplicate by any means.

Peter, YOU -are-, and always WILL BE, the MAN as -well as- the CATMAN.

Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to do, and trust me along with everyone here, we know the difference you've always made in "KISS" and it could never be the same without you. Besides, who on Earth would wanna ever pay tribute to Eric Singer
or Tommy Thayer?


Tim Cobb:July/04

Hi Peter,

I have wanted to thank you for my experience last year. Meeting you was a great honor. When I told you that it wasn't the same band without you, your response was "Remember, always stick up for yourself." I hope that you will do the same. Kiss is definitely not the same band without the original four. However, life goes on. I hope that you will continue making music and will keep pursuing that Kiss tell-all book. I think it will make for an interesting read. Enclosed is a picture from the Boston Fleet Center show on November 26th of last year. Thanks again for the great memories all through the years.

Thanks again,
Tim Cobb


Dear Peter,

How are you? I hope you're fine. My name is Cristiane but you can call me just Cris, I'm Brazilian girl and I'm nineteen years old.

Peter, I decided to write this e-mail because I would like you to know how important you're for me.
I'm a KISS fan for a long time and since I saw you, I really fell completely in love with you. I think about you days and nights, actualy since I met you I can't think about anything else.

I pray every night to realize my greatest dream..I hope anxiously a new opportunity to see you closer to touch you and to say how much I love you.

From your little KITTY,

God bless you forever!!!!!

RICKY 1:June/04

Hello Peter, This is me and my friend, I am on the left in the catman make-up, I saw you twice on the last tour, in san diego and at the forum, you were awesome, seeing you rise up into the air during black diamond is my favorite moment from any live event I've been to. I will not waste money seeing KISS again now that you won't be with them, You and ace should do soemthing together, that would be the cooolest, KEEP ROCKING CATMAN!

pEACE - rICKY l.

Johnny Hellion and Kids:June/04

Hey, I am completely stunned by the nerve of those other guys!...anyway, I ran across some pics of me andmy twin sons hours before attending the Farewell Tour stop in Cleveland OH. I was stoked when you four reunited and traveled everywhere to see the shows. When the Farewell Tour was announced I knew I had to bring my boys along so they could see for themselves! They liked KISS before just because I listened and watched videos. Man, that show blew their minds! They will NEVER forget the experience and they still talk about it from time to time today. We were in the last row of the floor, we had them on our shoulders so theycould see. Thank you for allthe great music...When I went to Tiger Stadium onopening night of the first reunion tour theelectricity was HOT! I could feel it and I know YOUcould feel it. Thanks again. Here are some pics of the KISS KIDS age 8.

Johnny Hellion

The Hellion Brothers
Cleveland USA

Glen Moffatt:June/04

Hey Peter

I was really bummed with what the boys did to you before the Australia trip. Won't be going to the concert here in Brisbane, as I'm on tour myself in New Zealand with my country band. Thought it was a bit off touring in make-up without Ace, but in make-up without YOU and Ace, forget it.

Attached is me prior to the New Zealand gig on your reunion tour seven years ago.



Dear Peter:

I am a 20+ year fan of KISS. I am writing to tell you a little story that just blew me away. I have 3 children who were brought up in the KISS ARMY fashion (laughs a little). They all 3 love the "old" KISS songs and love wearing the make up.

Anyway...my youngest daughter turned 11 last October. I had asked her what she wanted most for her Birthday. She replied, very bluntly, "I want to go see KISS!!". Well, I immediately went out and bought tickets for the show in Glen Helen, California for October 18, 2003.(Her Birthday is October 27) She was also adamant about going in full make up and costume, and it had to be her favorite member, Peter Criss!

When we arrived at the venue, we got so many compliments on her make up and appearence. She was called "Miss Peter Criss" all night long, and had her photo taken by many of the concert goers. Now, this is what brought tears to my eyes...When the curtain dropped the look on her face,well she was just in awe! The biggest smile you have ever seen, she didn't know what to think! She was on her feet and had that little fist pumping in the air, singing along to all of the songs and me, I literally cried!!! Seeing KISS through my daughters eyes was just this amazing sight, and feeling. I got such a rush from seeing her, seeing KISS, through her eyes. And when you did "BETH" (which is her favorite song)...little insert here...{ she was always upset that she had never heard a song with her name in it, as there are songs that mention her sisters name and her brothers name, but never hers....when she found out the the "original "Beth" was "Beck" for "Becky"....YOU had changed that for her, not only was it a song with her name, but it was by Peter Criss, her favorite member of her favorite band.....so..Thank You for making a little girl feel so special!}...She took my hand and looked at me and smiled and said, " this is my favorite, Mommy, Thank You for bringing me".

She ended up saying that the concert was the best present that she got for her birthday.So, to you, I say Thank You.

Teri from Canoga Park, California aka...Kiss Army Chick


Dear Peter,

I'm not sure if this actually qualifies me for a "fan of the month" but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. On September 27th of 2002 my wife and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...you guessed it..."Bethany" Ann Mccurry. All through the delivery process I played and sang "Beth" to my newborn baby girl.

Even as I held her for the first time and gave her,her first bottle I sang it to her till my throat was dry and cracking and all the nurses were telling me to shut up...hahaha. Anyway, your song inspired the naming of our beautiful baby girl and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.You have always been a big inspiration to me since the age of 7 when i joined the "Kiss Army". I am now 35 and cannot wait to tell our daughter how she was named.I've attached a picture of our daughter.Again thank you soo very much and god bless.

Scott Mccurry


Hi Peter!

I fell in love with KISS (the original 4) a very long time ago and I passed that love onto our daughter Alanna who is now 11 y/o. She is a big fan and you are her favorite. That's why she decided to do her Social Studies Project for school this year on KISS. She planned the whole thing out and then naturally wanted to dress up like you in the Dynasty Era.

At first her teacher tried to talk her out of it because she didn't know if there would be much interest or if anyone know any questions to ask and she didn't want Alanna to be disappointed when she lost. But Alanna has my stubborn streak and refused to give it. So she worked really hard and placed 2nd at locals that were held at her school. Then it was off to district. They were held just this past Friday. She took 1st Place there. Now it's on to State competition on the 3rd of May.

I have attached pics that I though you might like to see. We are so very proud of her and just wanted to share.

Devoted Fan Forever & Always
Southern Lady KISS

Alan Percival:April/04

Hi Peter,

I've been a fan since 1975 but this is the first time I've actually written you. Just wanted to say hello. I
first saw you back in 1976 on the Destroyer tour and just about every tour in between (minus the non-makeup
years when you weren't in the band).

You've greatly inspired me both in your drumming style and spirituality. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate not only your playing, but your song
writing ability. IMHO, KISS wouldn't be half as appealing without you. I live in Northern CA, so I got a chance to see you at the Oct 10th Shoreline show with Aerosmith. You played and sounded incredible!, and even more incredible on the Symphony DVD. At age
49, I also play in a local CA KISS Trib band. I've somewhat modeled my kit after your DW kit.

Anyway, take care, stay healthy and best of luck to you now and always.

Take care,

Victoria Janus:April/04

To the Kitty-Cat! My favorite rock 'n roller, I am your #1 fan!

Victoria Janus


Dear Mr. Criss,

My name is Sierra and I am 9 years old, I love Kiss But you are my favorite member I love all your songs especially Beth!
My mom and Dad are very into Kiss and they are both Gene Fans, so I am always telling them that gene isn't the best YOU ARE!!! Well I just wanted to show you my pictures I dressed up as you for Halloween this past year, my daddy made the costume, it was really a lot of fun walking around and having people know who I was, it made me feel good that there were so many people out there that knows who Kiss is!

Love Always your biggest fan,

Danny KISS:March/04

Hi Peter, here is a picture of my 3 year old son Danny Kiss (thats our last name). Danny would love to become a fan of the month. As you can see he is quite a KISS fan & a drummer. He had a toy set when he was one & at two needed somthing more serious. He is on his second year of lessons & loves watching the New Jersey Farewell concert over & over again. I play the guitar & Danny & I jam together quite often. I have always been a KISS fan & it's great to see the kid's having such an interest also. We hope your tour makes it up to the Toronto, Canada area so we can see KISS. I have seen KISS many times & would love to take the kids. Your fans Joe, Tanya, Audrey & Danny KISS.

Brian R. Fey. March/04

I have been a PC fan since 1975 (age 16) and just turned 44 this last Halloween. In fact, I consider you to be one of the most influential people in my life. You certainly have been inspirational to be as a teacher. Although I have not been fortunate enough to have ever sat down with you one on one instruction, I have learned all that I know about drumming from you alone. I am therefore respectfully requesting consideration to be listed as a "Fan of the Month" as it would be an extreme honor

Thank you in advance.

Respectfully Yours,
Brian R. Fey


I have been a Peter Criss fan since l first was introduced to KISS in the late 70's. My first concert was the Dynasty tour and have seen them 6 times total to date. Peter inspired me to be a drummer and l have been playing ever since l was a kid.

My drum setup is just like his on the recent tours and l love it. I play sometimes in a tribute band called "Hard Times" around town from time to time and always love spreading the Kiss sound that he made great. I even have him tattooed on my arm along with the faces of kiss. In all l think that he is the best drummer that ever lived and he will always be and inspiration to me.


thanks Chris

Frank Hamacher:Feb/04

What a great site !!!!

I´m a Peter Criss Fan since 1979 and it was my first rock concert in 1980 at which i took part. My mother was very angry about that because i spend 25.- DM for the ticket. Unfortunately Peter left the band just before Kiss came to Germany. I was very sad about that because the Catman was my favorite KISS member.

After a lot of years without KISS i saw the MTV Show and all the old R&R feelings came back. And 20 years later i got the chance to see the Catman life on stage. When they started to sell the tickets i was on a holiday in France, so i called my mother on the phone and asked her to buy me a KISS ticket.

My mother laughed and told me that i´m still that stupid guy that i was years ago. I saw Peter once at the Reunion Tour (Dortmund) and twice at the Psycho Circus Tour (Cologne and London). There he was.....what a great moment for me. Thanks Peter !!

On the photo you see me as Catman (right in 1980 and left in 2000) After 20 years the hair is gone but the make up is still perfect, isn't it ;-)

Hope to see you live on stage again. All the best to you, Peter Criss, and your family !!

Frank Hamacher


Carla KISS from Brazil:Feb/04

Hello, I am great fa Brazilian of huge PETER CRISS! Vi the KISS to the 9 years and today with 23 I for the first time keep tradicao always to follow the PETER career my perpetual CATMAN! I am Pregnate and ja I chose the name of mine baby, sera in homage to mine idolo PETER CRISS! This photo and an assembly (infelismente), and for my dream to be one day with PETER CRISS to be more real! KISSES

Peter Mongon:Feb/04

Hi Peter,

I just Wanted to send you this photo of my tattoo and to let you know that you are the greatest in the world, and maybe  somewere down the line i could really get to meet you again,i cant afford a platnium kiss ticket so i just have to wait and see...

GOD BLESS YOU ...LOVE Peter Mongon


Hey guys

Jason from Australia here, I have been a huge fan of Peter's from the age of 7 (1977) and have been through all the ups and downs including Peterleaving in the early 80's and his return in 1996. I have only had the pleasure of seeing Peter with the band on 2 occasions 1997 and 2003 although I have been to 4 shows. Unfortunately I was too young to go to the Adelaide Oval show in the late 70's (Mom wouldn't let me go!) But here isan attached photo of me and a mate off to one of the fantastic shows. Therewere four of us, and it took me 6 hours to paint all our faces. Peter seems to be a great guy and I hope he continues to rock on!



Rick - A Fan for life:Jan/04

I am very happy to see you have your own site now and things seem to be going well for you. I have been a fan since 1975 of Kiss and Peter Criss you were always my favorite Pete and inspired me to pick up the drums, I have no interest in playing as a carrer but just for fun it has been a great source of Joy over the last 25 years. if I ever had a chance to meet you and sit down and chat, I am sure I would have allot of questions for you. But seeing how your time is limited and you must get many emails, I'll just say the two most important things to you while I have the chance.

I love you and thank you. It's been allot of years and I am sure you know the power of music and heros. Just know that while living your dream, you have made one person very happy for many many years and continue to do so...

God bless you and your family Pete, best of health, happiness and continued success!

A fan for life,


Angel Orleans:Jan/04

Hey Peter!

Saw you at Madison Square Garden last month in the beautifull city of New York, and wow! What a show! I had been dying to seeyou perform again since you played two shows at Jones Beach and now I miss the thrill of your live shows all over again! Hope you come to perform in my hometown of Montréal at some point in the not too distant future!

I met your lovely wife at the MSG show and I'd like to give her a great big thank you for being so nice to me! She saw me wearing your cat makeup and came to talk to me. She gave me a pic with your sig on it, which I liked so much that I framed it when I got home!

Lastly, I just wanna say thank you Peter, for your inspiration. Your my hero and the reason that I'm a drummer. If I ever inspire just one person like you did for me, then all the effort it takes to make it as a musician will be worth it.

God Bless ya,

Angel Orleans
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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