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Fans of the Month

Tim - November 2012

Hi Peter,

I had the honor of meeting you yesterday at the Rock N Shock convention in Worcester, MA. Thanks so much for the hug and the time spent...Meant so much.  When I was a kid, KISS was my escape. My love of music started with KISS. You are definitely the most gracious celebrity I have ever met and I have met quite a few. Looking forward to your book...KISS isn’t the same without you.

Thanks again to you and your wife,

Fairhaven, MA

Rich & Theresa - November 2012

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to let you both know how much it meant to Theresa & I (Rich) how incredibly kind and wonderful you both were to us. We were both blown away by your warmth and compassion towards us and the other fans as well. No other celebrity has ever took half as much time as you did with us. Being a devoted fan to Peter and Kiss since i was literally 6 yrs old now almost 40 getting treated like a friend rather than just another "fan" or $ sign will leave an impression on us for the rest of our lives. I want to say Thank You for the many years of music, entertainment, & Joy you have given me in my life.

Thank you & God Bless,

Rich & Theresa

Michael - November 2012

Hello Mr. Criss,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to write you and tell you what a big fan of yours I am.

Thank you for being the greatest drummer in the world and for helping to form KISS in the early 70's along with giving me an appreciation for the art of drumming, although I do not play the drums, I do respect them alot.


Toby - October 2012

After Hearing about your cancer i watched a interview and you always stay positive ! I suffered a brain aneurysm in July and had surgery and was able to celebrate my 45 th birthday day in august . I'm Hopeful it has no affect on my playing the guitar staying positive is most important . You have been a Hero to me from the time i was 8 years old and always will .

Thank you Cat Man

Toby Merchant

Jose - October 2012

Hey Peter!

We love you in Argentina, visit our country soon! All the best Thanks for the music and so many years of happiness.


Lucas - October 2012

Hello Peter,

I am a big fan of you, I'm from Brazil, I'm 18 years old, I play the drums and I would like to thank you for being one of my greatest inspirations. Peter Criss ... thank you!

Lucas Fagundes

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