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Fan of the Month - 2011

Hi Peter,

I'm a bit nervous because I'm sending a email to a drummer I've studied and  copied from the sixth grade and I want you to know you have helped make me  the drummer I am today. I'm 46 years old and it started with my LOVE for KISS your drumming and the music. I continued playing through band at  school and learned all the rudiments on the snare and then moved on to the drum  set, even did a couple state graded snare solo's and got superior ratings.

As time moved on I have become a decent rock and jazz drummer. Nothing makes me happier than jamming to Black Diamond but I'm really working on my jazz chops and I was very impressed to learn how much you love big band and jazz. I play a set of Yamaha recording customs but practice my jazz chops on a Buddy Rich re issued set. Got to meet you once on you first solo tour in Dayton Ohio at a club you treated me very well and I appreciate you giving

God the created for the talent he has blessed us with !

Your Fan and God bless you :)

Mike Lamb


Hi peter

my name is anthony wolf I am 40 yrs. Old and your my favorite drummer I always loved the songs you sing my favorite is " strange ways " from kiss to your solo music you have always made me rock I listen to " one for all " disc every night love that album front to back. Still can't find "cat #1" still looking can't wait to get . Take care my friend god bless!! You rule thank you for all the music call to say hi.

Your friend

anthony wolf


Hi Peter, Hi Gigi--- it's Bill DeMild here.

Just wanted to send you a photo of my KISS tattoo that I just got finished. Gotta get the guys to sign it. Peter, you know what you'll be signing next time I meet you.

All the best to you both

Bill DeMild


Hi peter

my name is chance. I play guitar in a small time band hoping to make it big. I grew up listening to kiss and just wanted to send a special thank-you. You are one of the people who inspired me most to become a musician.

Keep up the good work!


The Record: Kiss Alive
The Song: 100,000 years
The Influence: I started playing the drums

Peter, You were the first drummer that influenced me to pick up a pair of 2B's and bang out rudiments on a practice pad. I would later hear John Bonham, Neil Pert, Alex Van Halen, Jeff Porcaro, the list goes on.

Bottom Line: You are one of the great drummers in rock music.

Thank you,
Jordan Fedorko


Your my all time favorite drummer and I <3 you! Loyal fan since I first heard you in 1979!

God Bless you Peter Criss!

Thea Glenn


Dear Peter Criss,

First, allow me to thank you for the profound influence and impact you and KISS have made on my life. I truly love your taste in music and love your solo material and all the contributions you brought to KISS. Your drums solos are incredible and can't go one day without listening to them...lol. Whenever I get the opportunity, I dress as you when I go to KISS tribute or KISS concerts. Though I'd share a photo with you.

I'm so pysched the Destroyer costumes are coming out for sale this year and the real boots! I was thrilled to read that your autobiography is coming out next year. Been looking forward to that. I wish you and your lovely wife, Gigi all the best. You really are an inspiration to so many and I can't thank you enough.

Your Fan for Life,
Sean Parauka


Hi Peter,

I'm Leonardo Plack, I am Brazilian and I am sending you this email to say I'm a big fan of yours, to me you're one of the best rock drummers of all time, not to mention that you sing very well, the best voice I've ever seen a drummer do. I am also a drummer and singing in my band, since you are one of my many influences, along with the other drummers who have been through KISS, I love the songs from the days when you played there. My dream is to one day meet you.



hay peter..

hope all is well with you , as for me cant complain.... ive been a fan of yours for a long time....as a matter of fact.. if it wasnt for someone in 5th grade 78' 79' cicra... that said to me you look like peter criss from the back cuz i had kinda long hair.. it was after that i said im gonna be a drummer.....got my first kit in summer of 1980 and been playing ever scence...here i am with my wife,susie on halloween this past year...2010..hope you like the pics....you are the reason.. i am a drummer.....still..........later catman....

robert garcia.

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