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"In the mid-70s Rush opened for Kiss many, many times -- for months on end in 1974-75. They always treated us well, and even the guys on their crew became close personal friends for years after. Peter was an absolute sweetheart -- warm and sincere. I appreciated his strong and rhythmic drumming -- exuberant and loose-limbed -- and he was always fun and funny." – Neil Peart
"I just did a show I do twice a year at the Baked Potato called Kenny Aronoff and Friends. 50 songs and I have special guests come up an perform 4 to 5 songs.. This particular event on Jan. 17th I had Gilbey Clark join me and James Lomenzo and we did 6 KISS songs.. When I started listening and analyzing them as I have before… The biggest thing that I love about Peter Criss is he has so much swing in his ROCK playing.. He came from that east coast NYC vibe that was influenced by jazz swing, blues swing and R+B swing.. So many drummers today don’t have that in them.. It’s mostly because they didn’t grow up hearing that music blasted on there mom and dads turn tables or all over the radio.. Anyway… I love that about Peters playing.. SWING in his rock n roll.." - Kenny Aronoff
"I am very honored to say that Peter Criss is a friend of mine.  When I was in high school in Detroit, Michigan in 1976, I loved listening to my 45 rpm record of Kiss' "Detroit Rock City".  Peter not only rocked that song, but I was also a fan of the other side of that record ( yes kids we flipped over our records and could listen to both sides!)

That other side was a song that Peter wrote and was the lead singer on, called "Beth".  Peter Criss and Ringo Starr paved the way for future drummers who were lead singers like Phil Collins, Don Henley, and Dave Grohl.  I love singing while I play and Peter and Ringo made me realize that drummers can be lead singers too:)

Here's to you Peter!

Your pal

Gregg Bissonette"

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