Happy 50th Birthday, Freddie and David!

Dear Peter and Gigi Criss,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! This means so much to Freddie and I, after hearing of the phone conversations between you Miss Gigi and Kim, and her initial email which she read to us, I was blown Away!!! And she kept it all a secret for weeks. How I don’t know. We had the privilege of meeting you both here in Orlando a few months back, we have grown up listening to Peter Criss, Ace and the boyz all our lives. Enjoyed listening to their music and story telling, Thank You so much!!! I'm not a speech writer and as I write this tears are flowing... Love my sister Kim very much, only wished I could have done this for her. Please relay this message to Mr. Criss, Thank you Sir!!! Some day would love to cross paths with you again...

Wish you nothing but the Best.

Thank You So Much!!!!!

David U.

Sir I wanted to Thank You ,

For you truly made Mine and Dave’s 50th the most memorable birthday ever!!! You see sir when we went to see you in Oct in Orlando and we had a lot working against us to get there, but we made it and it was truly an honor to me to finally meet you, it was great-a dream I never thought to see. Mr. Peter your music still moves us today more than when I first heard it Kim introduced us to your music, to KISS and it's never been the same since you left. Sir, your craft to percussions is legendary and every time I hear your music I hear something new every time it’s such a gift and Thank You for sharing that with us all , Sir.

Thank You for I am truly Humbled...

Frederick U.

My (Kim) little surprise-My own birthday card (early LOL!) the inside of the card and the card itself, a photo copy of the dedication inside Mr. Peter’s book to ME!!!! In a college I made……
Mr. Peter, Miss Gigi Thank You So Much-I’ll never say it enough. You’ve touched our hearts so deeply and we will remember this forever!! These guys are still in shock by everything as am I. They had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!

Wishing you all the best and God Bless!!!

Kim G.

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