Kiss Army, We Have Lost a Soldier

I am very deeply saddened by the loss of John Morris, a Kiss fan through and through.  He was an absolute pleasure to be around and his love and respect for me was overwhelming.  He loved Kiss and we loved him.  It is a great loss for his family, friends, and the Kiss Army. We will miss you and we thank you for the love and respect you gave all of us.  - God bless, Peter Criss

Happy Belated 70th Peter!


Peter thank you for all contributions to music and society, cancer awareness and your singing and drumming makes the world a better place!


See you in 2016 at the next autograph signing
(please at least do one appearance signing a year CATMAN!)

You and GiGi have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

-John Morris

Peter & Gigi,

I would like to thank both of you for coming to Texas.

This trip was quite the experience as two things happened while I was in Texas....I reconnected with my Dad whom lives in Texas and the other was a passing of my friend Kyle...It was Friday morning that I got the call Kyle was in the ICU and it was that same day later at night I received a call before I met you that Kyle passed.

I'm pretty sad as she was a friend and a mother of two but Kyle couldn't shake her demons and they got the best of her. Kyle was 33 and loved music and rock and roll.That Herion has become a silent killer in our world...I lost my cousin at the age of 34 and now Kyle She'll be missed...I feel helpless when people like Kyle and my cousin fell into addiction and disappear, not returning phone calls. Its just sad.

on the other father and I reconnected so my trip to Texas to meet you again was more rewarding than I thought planned.

Peter, you take care of yourself and get out and release an album or do a show...even an appearance once a year. The amount of time in Texas I saw you put in with everyone individually was care. And your fans care and love you..Please keep in mind that if it wasn't for you Kiss wouldn't be.

The happiness you bring and your music makes us forget about the down and outs in life....gets us through.
 You and Gigi take care and I look forward to meeting you again.
You've always been my favorite.

Once I get off the road I'll send you a photo I took of you and Ace sharing a moment in 2000, you both were laughing and enjoying yourselves.....I'll even frame and mat it for you.....I get off the road in 6 weeks and will email you when I ship it out.

and please keep in mind the legacy and foundation you left in Kiss will live on forever 
Long Live Kiss
Long Live Peter Criss!

until next time catman
-John Morris
Some of the many things John treasured....
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