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Fans of the Month - 2019
Luna Rose T. - June 2019

I've been a kiss fan since 1996 I never thought I would ever get the privilege to meet you but I did once and what you said to me will stay with me forever thank you for being so kind you truly care about you're fans, though it was brief you said that's my rock n roll girl, you have no idea what that meant to me after we met I cried for hours you have a beautiful soul i love you Peter!! I cherish this picture forever my beautiful catman!!

Luna Rose T.

Jim H. - June 2019

Peter, Gigi,

Hello, I wanted to follow up from when we met you in Orlando at the Spooky Empire when you signed my Paul Stanley guitar from the 1979 Lakeland Civic Center concert.

I attached a picture of the shadowbox that I had made. I ended up finding a great set of lithographs on line that made the art perfect. It's a shame that the rose that I caught from Peter that night disintegrated a few years ago or somehow I would have incorporated that too.

Anyways, I hope you two are doing well and I wanted to thank you for helping me fulfill a dream of getting the guitar signed by all original members and mounting it. It's in my living room and everyone that has seen it say it should be in a museum, I respond, "It is, the Jim Hall Museum!"

Take care,

Jim H

Elizabeth B. - June 2019

Hey Peter,

I’m Elizabeth, I’m 16 and a huge fan of you—especially your solo work! I did a painting recently and thought I should reach out and show you! I hope you enjoy it!

Elizabeth B.

Wayne S. - May 2019

Hello Peter,

Hope this message finds you well. Just want to say thank you for your music, and being such a part of my life growing up. You are and always & forever will be the one & only, true Catman! If I could have 1 wish granted in this world, it would be to see you in YOUR MAKEUP, one more time singing "BETH"! That is YOUR song, nobody else's! Much love & well wishes to you, Mr. Criss!

Wayne S.

Lawrence L. - May 2019

I've been revisiting your 1978 SOLO ALBUM and while I didn't know it then, I was 12, yours was and is the best of the four. I really enjoy listening to it while I drive!

BTW, I love BABY DRIVER from Rock and Roll Over! You wrote that, right?

Lawrence L.

Jem B. - May 2019


Just a short brief note to express my appreciation and my respect for you. You will always be the best! Nothing else needs to be said, you're a very class artist and we all love you. Thanks for all that you gave us.

Fan From Alabama.

Jem B.

Lea-Anne G. - April 2019

Hi Peter,

Just wanted say I’m a huge fan of yours ... I still have a bracelet I got in my teens with your name on it... I got to see my first concert of Kiss with you  in it late in my adult years.. money was very tight while I was growing up and I had children very young.. I just wanted to show you a cake that I had made for my 50th! I didn’t want to eat it because it looked so good! Thanks for taking time to read this and I don’t expect you to reply back as I know your very busy.

Lea-Anne G.

Leroy P. - April 2019

Dear Peter,

I am writing you to tell you something you already know. That to me, like so many fans, YOU were the reason I wanted to be a drummer. Limited funds prevent me from traveling very much but I have always wanted to meet you and talk about drums and concerts and music in general. You may not be touring anymore but you will always be one of THE best drummers around. When I was a kid my parents wouldn't let me go to concerts. When I was older the line-up had obviously changed. I wanted to see all four original members. So I waited. No matter how many times people told me to "give it up" or "It'll never happen", I waited. In '96 I saw you with kiss at the Spokane colosseum (now the veteran's memorial arena) for the reunion concert. It lived up to all the expectations I had and more. As many, many fans have already stated, you may not be touring but you are still in our thoughts and our hearts. May God bring you and your family all his blessings. Thank you so much for being an amazing drummer, an inspiration to many and for just being you.

Your friend in rock and faith,

Leroy P.

Cameron H. - April 2019

Hi Peter,

My name is Cameron I’m 15 (16 in September) and I’m from the UK. You are my favourite member of KISS and I love your solo work. I was a fan of you before I was ever a fan of KISS due to your Cat#1 album, I love everything that you’ve ever done in your solo career even One For All, your 78 solo album is my favourite of them all, I own all of your albums apart from Let Me Rock You and One For All And I cant wait to hear the new rock album when it finally comes out. I would also like to say that you have inspired me to play drums, I don’t actually play yet as my parents say that the kit I want won’t fit in my room but one day I will. Your one of my hero’s and idols and I would love to meet you one day. I also loved your book and your acting and would love to see you in more movies/tv shows. I hope this email finds you and your beautiful wife Gigi in good health and I look forward to receiving your reply.

Long live the real Catman!

Your number one fan,

Cameron H.

Clifton W. - March 2019

My name is Clifton Williams I am 52 years old.. I've been listening to you and the Boys since I was 7 years old......just want to say Hope life is treating you well and your family also o have 14 grandkids now and my grand daughter Gracie,Love lids meets the phantom of the park... And Hard Luck woman and Of course "Beth" ..

We absolutely Love ya...

Best Wishes,

Clifton W.

Steve - March 2019

When I was 16 I got the Double Platinum CD-must've been around 1995. My older brother and I didn't know anything about Kiss until we played those songs.  People say that your music was all stage show appeal; well I disagree. There were no pictures of the band on the disc, but I instantly was hooked on your songs. Your beats are really one of a kind. What can I say, "It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing."

God Bless,


William M. - March 2019

When I was a kid I saw u on tv playing strutter I was blown away you inspired me sooo much I’m almost 60 and started late so I’m still banging the skins I use some of what I heard u do I recorded recently with my band and one of the shuffle grooves u taught me I used it’s one of my favorite songs thank you so much u are one of my favorites and kiss ended when u and ace left you all were and are the tops.


William M.

Gunther M. - February 2019

Just wanted to reach out and say Hello. You were one of The Greats that got Me Pounding The Skins. Thank You (I think?) I would never consider Seeing or Purchasing Anything by Your Former Group, without You or Ace.SCREW THAT! Anyway.......Happy New Year Pete!

Gunther M.

Alexandra S. - February 2019

Hi Peter,

I've been a fan of kiss and especially you since I can remember. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday and the best holiday season.... I hope to meet you one day!!! Much love to you!

Alexandra S.

Anita - February 2019

Hello Peter.

My name is Anita and it was truly a pleasure meeting you and Gigi. I don't think I will ever forget it. You're a very genuine man. The world could use more people like you. Although I didn't get to see you perform with KISS it was great memories that kept me praying to meet you somehow. KISS is never ever going to be the same without you and Ace. Beth is by far my very favorite song! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You're the one and only Catman! No substitute will ever replace you. Hope to see you again soon.

Love you Catman!


Alyce S. - January 2019

Thought you might like what I made.

Alyce S.

Wade and Ashley L. - January 2019

Happy birthday Peter!

My wife and I met you and Gigi at the LA Expo. Meeting you was incredibly moving for  me as you inspired me to play drums which I’ve done for years now.

Today I am getting your portrait tattoo’d in honor of you. I will be live streaming it and will also send a pic when it’s done.

God bless you and Gigi . You both are amazing people!


Wade and Ashley L.

Charlie M. - January 2019

To Peter, The one, The only - Catman

Greetings from Adelaide, Australia! I am 17 years old and you are the reason I first picked up a KISS album. I remember being 4 years old watching the 1976 concert at Cobo Hall and just being blown away by the sound and sights of YOUR band, KISS. It was a moment that defined my life. Hearing and watching you screech the lines “you’ve got nothin to lose!!” To the captivating, tribal sounding jazz drum groove in “100,000 years”. Your talents have proven to be my inspiration. Your influence has stayed with me for life. You are my superhero. While other kids had superhero birthday parties, here I was dressed as you and converting all my school friends into members of the KISS Army. As Gene Krupa was to you, you are to me. I wanted to be Peter Criss. From the bottom of my heart, god bless you. I love and thank you for all you have done for myself. Hope to see you in Australia again soon. As I was not even born yet to see you, it’d be an absolute dream to see and meet you one day. My wish is your command.

Charlie M.

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