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Fans of the Month - 2019
Alyce S. - January 2019

Thought you might like what I made.

Alyce S.

Wade and Ashley L. - January 2019

Happy birthday Peter!

My wife and I met you and Gigi at the LA Expo. Meeting you was incredibly moving
for me as you inspired me to play drums which I’ve done for years now.

Today I am getting your portrait tattoo’d in honor of you!

I will be live streaming it and will also send a pic when it’s done

God bless you and Gigi . You both are amazing people!


Wade and Ashley L.

Charlie M. - January 2019

To Peter, The one, The only - Catman

Greetings from Adelaide, Australia! I am 17 years old and you are the reason I first picked up a KISS album. I remember being 4 years old watching the 1976 concert at Cobo Hall and just being blown away by the sound and sights of YOUR band, KISS. It was a moment that defined my life. Hearing and watching you screech the lines “you’ve got nothin to lose!!” To the captivating, tribal sounding jazz drum groove in “100,000 years”. Your talents have proven to be my inspiration. Your influence has stayed with me for life. You are my superhero. While other kids had superhero birthday parties, here I was dressed as you and converting all my school friends into members of the KISS Army. As Gene Krupa was to you, you are to me. I wanted to be Peter Criss. From the bottom of my heart, god bless you. I love and thank you for all you have done for myself. Hope to see you in Australia again soon. As I was not even born yet to see you, it’d be an absolute dream to see and meet you one day. My wish is your command.

Charlie M.

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